Reflexology and late ovulation

Hi guys, just a quickie really..... me and hubby are on the waiting list for IVF, in the meantime we thought we would give reflexology a go and see if that made any difference... she is also using essential oils.

My question is, has anyone else known having a delayed ovulation? I have only had 2 sessions to date but my ovulation day is today and there's no 'peak' on my clear blue test. We use the advanced ( no ovulation, high, peak...steady smiley face) I'v knownae just going straight to peak before but just a tad worried that the ovulation has been affected due to reflexology....although I know it could just be late.

So basically, anyone experienced this before? Should I be worried?

Thanks in advance guys (ps I love this forum..helps me a lot, even just ready!)

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  • Hi Love, I have never had reflexology but I did have acupuncture when trying naturally before IVF and that definitely knocked my normal ovulation time back.xx

  • Ok, did it bring it forward or back?

  • Pushed it back xx

  • I think so I did reflexology when my period was late two days later I bleed heavly

  • Reflexology will flush your system through and may make some changes to your cycle but after a few sessions for good reasons. My first period after treatment was much heavier. I found chlomid worse as it sent my cycle crazy and I never knew my dates at all. Speak to your therapist they should explain why this happens etc and keep taking the tests strips if that what you like to help predict Ovulation. Your CM should be another great indicator from your body

  • I shall speak to her next week when I see her. Does that now mean that my cycle length has changed? Amazed it's had an effect on it to be honest

  • I'm no expert but I would say not necessarily it may just be your first cycle that this happens. I remember I used to go just before my expected ovulation and she would work on specific areas to stimulate my pituitary gland. She helped my IBS and my dodgy shoulder at the same time lol

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