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We have just been given a date in Feb to meet with nurse to get meds and dates for ICSI, so feeling excited and want to keep optimistic as this is our first time. Has anyone tried REflexology or anyother treatments that could benefit us? I have had it before but dont know when to have and when to avoid etc

I have had acupunture for muscle problems before and get a rash where they put needles in so want to avoid that as feel its my body rejecting it.

I asked the consultant if there is anything we can do and he just said Mediterrean diet.

Thanks for any help :)

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Hello. This might sound strange. But it helped me to feel like I was giving it my best shot. I had osteopath treatment, but found one that does cranial work to. So more about making sure our body is happy and working how it should. Can't have that once transfer is done though. But up until then you can. a good diet is also helpful. And drinking plenty of water. Lots of luck. Xxxx


Thank you, i will look into that, i think i will try and do as much to help my body relax as possible then stop when treatment starts so not to interfere with it as when i google it there is mixed reviews



I had acupuncture during our round of IVF but if it doesn't agree with you then it's probably better to try something else!

I've had reflexology (not for fertility just generally) and did really enjoy it. It's obviously very difficult to know whether these things make a difference to the outcome but I do think anything that relaxes you and allows you some well-deserved 'me time' can only be a positive thing during treatment!

As for diet, I cut out alcohol and switched to de-caff tea and coffee. I ate a handful of Brazil nuts and pineapple every day and I also increased my protein intake with lots of chicken. Again, no idea if it helped but it made me feel like I was taking control!

Good luck x

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I had reflexology leading up to my transfer and started juicing.

My first collection was in May and my transfer date was a week before Christmas so I mainly just tried to do things that relaxed me and didn't give myself a hard time if I fancied some time off from being good.

In my two ww I laughed a lot (was advised to do this by the clinic) walked but also didn't over do it.

Good luck xxx

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I swear by acupuncture but it sounds like that might not work for you. Diet wise - I was told to cut out dairy and wheat (because I have an underactive thyroid) and I do feel much better doing that. It is very much down to the individual though. Do whatever helps you feel more in control of the situation. The med diet is a good one - lots of fresh veg and good quality protein. Good luck X

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