2dpt - 2ww and THRUSH!! sorry TMI

Hello to all you wonderful ladies, and any men on the forum :D

I posted on this forum early january when i was first referred for IVF. I am 25 y/o, ttc for 3 years, and on my first fresh cycle of IVF/ICSI. I had a 5dt on Monday so currently 2dpt!

Doing well in relation to obsessing over symptoms..(so far) but have developed a terrible unbearable thrush! Sorry, i know, TMI. I suspect this is due to the Progesterone Pessaries i have been prescribed (one morning and one night), but have read it may be early pg symptoms? EEK..

I've since switched where i insert them, i'll leave the deets to your imagination.. as to not aggravate further. I called the IVF doctor on call and asked if i could use Canesten Duo and he explained i can use the pessaries but have to be 'careful' when i insert them.. That put me off :/ How i do i be careful and what happens if i don't be careful?!!

I've' decided to scrap the canesten route and go for natural yoghurt

anyone else experienced this and have any ideas? encouragement? experiences?

Thank you in advance!!

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  • Yes I did on my first round and used the cream which really helped x

  • Hey, thanks for replying! It's awful but the yoghurt is surprising helping. Sounds gross but amazingly soothing!!

  • I'm a GP. As far as I'm aware no probs using canesten pessary and cream. He may mean because one pessary delivery system is a tablet loaded on a syringe type thing and don't annoy your cervix with it by going too deep/violently with it?? Prob what he means by 'careful'... but you can insert the pessary gently with it/not too deep..or simply insert with a finger... being I am sure the fanny pill/pessary inserter expert that you are now!

    Sorry about TMI details! Hope better soon xx

  • Haha not TMI at all! I am quite the expert. Thank you so much for the advice, I'll keep that in mind if it gets worse. I did use the yoghurt in the end and it was so soothing!

    I am starting to feel better! Thank you!

  • Great news, well done! Nature's store cabinet is best!

  • Omg, those pessaries are awful!! I had struggled with that too!! Hope it clears up soon! Xxx

  • I know :( thank you xx

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