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2WW - madness & TMI Q’s

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Hi ladies

Hope you’re doing well.

I have a question which is defo in the TMI category... here goes.

In my 2ww (7dp5dfet) and think I have a yeast infection. Is there anything I can use in the meantime or should I wait until after OTD?

Also, I’ve been using pessaries vaginally as was told it was better - but I think they’re starting to cause an irritation, so thinking of switching to backpassage. I am nervous this way won’t be as good or as effective ( I had an early bleed previously so nervous about not having enough progesterone). Any thoughts?

Trying really hard not to google - it’s practically impossible, especially being awake at 4 am!

Anyone else on 2ww over Christmas?

Wishing you all a happy Christmas sprinkled with baby dust


17 Replies
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Hi Barbara, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question but just wanted to say I'm on 2ww at the mo too, 5dp5dfet..,test day new years eve. It's torture isn't it?! No symptoms whatsoever whereas after my last fet (which was a chemical pregnancy) I had a lot of twinging going on so already feeling like it hasn't worked...but also trying not to be pessimistic!! X

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Barbara1012 in reply to hannahi

It really is torture. Trying so hard not to symptom spot. Probably because I have little, no sore boobs just a little cramping so silently scared. I was convinced I was pregnant in our last go and was devastated when I wasn’t - just didn’t believe the negative tests! I also tested early which was a complete mind f***! So sitting here quietly waiting it out til Sunday.

Wish you all the best and hope we can both have a great start to 2019 xxx

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Pessaries can be taken rectally too - they are still absorbed into the blood and work just as well. I prefer it this way - it’s less messy as it leaks less, and this gives me more peace of mind. It makes me always think I’m getting the most from them that I could be doing.

I’m also in my 2ww, I have symptoms that could mean anything so I’m not paying them any attention (otherwise I’d just cry). The only thing I’m going to pay attention to is the pregnancy test on my test date. Fingers crossed for us all!

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Barbara1012 in reply to Bluetop1981

Thank you, think I will give them a go rectally this eve. Am so scared of doing anything wrong.

Completely with you on the no symptom spotting - just taking one day at a time - and am thankful everyday that AF doesn’t show up. Bring on Sunday!

Wish you all the best and hope2019 is our year xxx

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I think, though perhaps double check, that canestan is safe for thrush type conditions in pregnancy, so should be safe during tww. At least that’s what my gp told me when I had a similar issue xx

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Barbara1012 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks sweets. Might try and wait it out as my clinic is now closed and can’t get an appointment at the GP. Hope you’re doing ok xxx

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Rectally is definitely best. Feels a bit weird and you have to have a good clench when you first put it (!) but you dont have to lie around for 20 mins you can just get on with things, there are no really nasty side effects and its all a lot neater! I have always done them rectally as was worried about thrush. Good luck! x

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As the above advice says rectally is fine and sometimes better absorbed in some women. Also as it doesn't leak at least you're absorbing a full dose.

It can certainly cause infection and irritation if done vaginally

Check for canestan safe to use in pregnancy

Traditional methods used to be to put yoghurt on the area(!) Lol

However try to avoid yeasty and sugary foods also for a week or so to not exacerbate it

Good luck- the 2ww wait is horrendous

But unfortunately it doesn't get easier after either 🤣

One step at a time x

DianeArnold profile image

Hi Barbara. Yes, the mucus membrane lining your back passage soaks up the progesterone just as well, so you can give your vagina a rest while it gets better. Canestan is fine to use. Also live yoghurt if you want to give it a go! Hope you’re soon sorted. Diane

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Barbara1012 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane. Merry Christmas xx

Daddu1 profile image

Hi Barbara, I had this issue but not severe and Dr gave canesten pessarie but did not work at all then I applied coconut oil and pls ignore sugar stuff as well. Eat yogurt. I know there is something else i think is Daktarin i have used it b4 but I don't know whether is safe or not now

Barbara1012 profile image
Barbara1012 in reply to Daddu1

Thank you, hope all is well with you. Merry Christmas lovely xx

Cinderella5 profile image

Oh the bloody joys of the 2ww!😣 Hope it all settles down....you got this gal!!😘💪xx

Barbara1012 profile image
Barbara1012 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks lovely. It’s hard accepting that everything is now out of my control. Che Sara Sara. Hope you’re ok and ready to crack on in the new year. Here’s to a good 2019 for all. Merry Christmas love xxx

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Cinderella5 in reply to Barbara1012

Crikey, having a meltdown but know it's just the time of year....need a kick up the bum! 👊 Merry Christmas to you too hun!!xxx

Barbara1012 profile image
Barbara1012 in reply to Cinderella5

Oh love, it is a tough time of year. But you are so much stronger than you think - honestly. You’re one of the most inspirational people I’ve met on here. You’ve got this love. I know you do. Stay strong and keep smiling - pm whenever you like. You’ve been a real

support to me on here xxx

Cinderella5 profile image
Cinderella5 in reply to Barbara1012

Heck, that made me well Up! Thank You! Have a lovely Christmas.xx

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