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Well I had my egg collection today. It went really well, I was asleep through the whole procedure, so I don't remember anything. I think the worst bit was the two days leading up to it and thinking of things that could go wrong.

Not sure if my egg count is very good. We ended up getting 6 eggs. Before I went in they were worried I had overstimulated and would have way more than that and would have to freeze the cycle. So I am trying to look at the positive. Now we just have to wait for the phone call tomorrow.....

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  • 6 eggs is a great result! Lots of luck for the call tomorrow! X x x

  • Fingers crossed for you that they all become little embryos! X

  • Great! 6 it's not bad, you know quality matters, not quantity. Fingers crossed x

  • I think six is a solid number, fingers crossed they will all fertilise and grow to beautiful high quality embies!! xoxo

  • That's great..good luck for tomorrow xx

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