Second scan done ✅

Hi everyone I had my second stims scan this morning my ovaries are looking full I had 8 in right at sizes 21, 18, 17, 14, 12, 12, 11, 11 and 8 in the left at sizes 23, 23, 19, 17, 16, 14, 10, 10 so alls good my lining was a bit thinner today though at 8 3. I will get a phone call later depending on my blood results to say if it will be wed or Thursday ec, dose anyone have any idea what day they think going by this? xx

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  • Well done x and best of luck x

  • Thank you xx

  • hello, just wanted to ask, did you partner go to all of the apps with you? Just concerned about us both getting time off work at short notice. P.S thanks for sharing all your info i have found it really helpful x

  • I prefer my partner not to go to the internal ultrasound appointments... he doesn't need to see that, and he gets irritated when they just talk to me, not him as well!!

    He comes to anything where decisions need to be made, i.e. Consultant appointments, also injection training and obviously egg collection and embryo transfer. Works for us.

  • Ha ha I told my husband to stop looking at me this morning whilst I got scanned and called him a pervert 😲 his face 🤣 xx

  • Lizzielizzielizzie thank you

    With regards to the appointments, were they at quite short notice?

    Quite worried about getting time off from work. Helps that my partner doesn't have to come to them all :-) x

  • Yes they are relatively short notice, it's unavoidable with the nature of the process, although things like injection training should be easier to schedule. Some were more negotiable than others, so I was able to schedule at the beginning or end of some days to minimise impact on work. The least predictable one was embryo transfer... my clinic were going to ring me before 9 in the morning if I needed a three day transfer, but I start work at 8 so I had to take that day off "in case", and then ended up taking another day off as I went to 5 day transfer instead. Depending on your job, I know some people find it easier to take the whole week off after egg collection. Other people just go straight back in to work after ET.

  • thank you

    have you spoken to your work about what is happening? I don't think i will share this information as they can gossip quite a bit. After your consultation, did you have to start treatment straight away or an you wait a month or so?

  • I told my boss, and have since told everyone in my team, but I think I'm in a uniquely lucky situation as I work with two women who have both also had ivf so I get amazing understanding from them. My boss is extremely supportive also, and our absence policy states we are allowed 5 days paid leave per year for fertility treatment. My husband's work doesn't seem to have a clear policy but again, his line manager has had ivf so he has told her directly. That means he doesn't always need to take time off as holiday as she will schedule it in his diary as medical or make sure he is working from home. Sometimes I've preferred him to take it as holiday though (e.g. Consultations) as otherwise he still gets work calls etc.

    I can totally understand why you don't want to encourage office gossip... I know some people tell their boss they have gynae issues (which is true!) to explain why things have to be done at short notice due to your period dates etc.

    Regarding after my consultation, it depends where you are in your cycle and whether they decide to put you on long or short protocol, but basically, yes, at my clinic they were able to start me as soon as I liked and on my nhs funded cycle they said they were required to start treatment within 18 weeks but it was actually only about two weeks.

  • I had a few days notice from my last appointment to today's but other than that a couple of weeks, but we haven't got a day yet for ec but def wed or Thursday. It is a pain for me to as I do mobile hairdressing so constantly moving lots of appointments for hair around but it's just got to be done xx

  • yes exactly i guess a few days notice is okay How many appointments have you attended so far? xx

  • I've had about 4 all together but this week is going to be the worst for ec and et Hun as they literally tell you within a day or so xx

  • it seems to have come round fast for you i am not suprised you are full of mixed emotions.

    How was your initial consultation? xx

  • It has honestly flown by which I'm obviously glad about but i just hope it's all worth it! How far are you? My initial consultation was fine just spoke about start dates and things and what protocol etc and done a scan xx

  • We have had all the tests bloods scan and my partner gave a sample. We have had these tests done previously at our local hospital too so i am hoping that the next step would be treatment after the consultation x

  • Yeah I think you will get told a date at this next appointment Hun xx

  • Hey that's ok i found reading everyone else's info helped me so I'm glad I can help others! He did come to them all but to be honest it wasn't an issue if he didn't I don't think, I just liked him being there so I know he knew what was actually happening just so he'd understand what side affects I may have and so he could be supportive but he still had me dragging bags of sand around the garden so wasn't any point really lol xx

  • Tw1986 you must be so excited now x

  • I am Hun a bag of mixed emotions though to be honest! I like having all these different steps to get us closer but now it's really close I'm scared lol xxx

  • Fab news!! I had very similiar timings and had my EC on weds with my trigger shot on the monday eve. Good Luck :) :) xx

  • Thanks Hun did it work first time? xxx

  • It did for me but unfortunately we had to terminate at 13 weeks due to developmental anomalies.

    Wishing you the best of luck, you are at oxford aren't you? They were lovely x

  • Tw1986 sorry realised I've added some really long replies to your thread, sorry. Just wanted to say good luck for egg collection. My clinic doesn't do blood tests, they just decided based on measurements so I can't help with your question. I would say that they might keep you going a bit longer just to get that lining thicker, but it is a guess!

  • lol that's ok Hun hopefully will go ahead wed xx

  • All looking great 👍❤💋

  • 😘cheers hun xx

  • It's all looking good Love, lots of good sizes follicles!💪👌

    Good luck for EC.


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