Feel like screaming. Why is this happening to us!?!

I've done my stint on clomid and absolutely hated the whole experience. I gained a whole heap of weight during the process. My doctor arranged for me to have a laparoscopy to double check for blockages and it transpires that I have had a nasty case of endometriosis the entire time. Because this has gone diagnoses for so long I have now lost a Fallopian tube and an ovary and have been left with a damaged Fallopian tube. I am feeling sick with worry about our chances of conception now as IVF is our only hope. I feel like screaming. I don't understand why this is happening to us. It's just not fair. I feel so angry and terrified of failure. There is absolutely no purpose to this post other than to vent. I just want to be a mother.

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  • How awful for you. Screaming and venting here is definitely allowed. What have your doctors said? x

  • I'm currently at home recovering and feeling in a total daze. In between tears and sheer frustration. We've been told to focus on recovery and our IVF will start in the next 3 months. It's all happening so fast. I feel so angry and so scared.

  • Scream and vent away. We all hear you. Sometimes that's the only thing left to do. Sending a big hug. x

  • Thank you xx

  • I'm so sorry that you're having such a tough time. Infertility is unfair and this forum is a safe place to vent.

    I hope that your recovery is quick and that IVF brings that elusive BFP.

  • That's terrible, I really feel for you! Its good to let all the frustration out on here, sometimes we dont have the answers but we definitely understand your frustration! Try to take it easy for your recovery!xx

  • Please feel free to verbally 'throw things'...that is what this forum is for! I totally agree with you about it being unfair. Like taking a wrecking ball to all your hopes and dreams. 😟 Keep your chin up and take one day at a time, otherwise it is a very overwhelming process. Hugs xx

  • Yes shout and scream!! its not fair at all big hugs xx

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