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Chemical Pregancy/ Possible Ectopic


So I got a faint positive pregnancy test after 7 months of trying, I kept taking lots of tests and then after a few days it resulted in a negative. Had an emergency scan which showed nothing in my uterus but a possible ectopic pregnancy in my Fallopian tube. Had bloods done which confirmed I was no longer pregnant, nurse said the egg in my tube could have dissolved with my period or been a fibroid. They didn’t seem to bothered after my negative blood results and discharged me. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? I feel confused now.

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I’m so sorry to read you post, I’ve had both a EP and a miscarriage and I wouldn’t wish either on anyone. With my EP I was in and out of hospital for 3 weeks having blood tests & scans to make sure my hormone levels were reducing correctly & ended up having the methotrexate injection (which flushing any left over embryo out). It was awful, I had to cancel my holiday as I wasn’t allowed to travel b4 or after my injection as they monitored me every 48 hours. They take it extremely seriously as an EP can be fatal if not dealt with correctly. I’m telling you this in hope that you are reassured at being discharged, they wouldn’t do that if there was any doubt (your pregnancy hormones must have been under 5 or back to 0). It’s such an awful thing to happen but I had to process this by telling myself it wasn’t a viable pregnancy and nature was taking it course. Keep strong.

Roseanne85 in reply to Cuppa

Thanks so much for your comments. It’s been tough but feeling much better now and hoping that one day it happens for us, I guess it’s a step in the right direction as I know we can get pregnant. Just struggling with all the friends that are pregnant around me right now, it’s so hard. Do you have any children? :-) x


Hi RosieC. So, so sorry to read this, and I hope you've had plenty of support just now. Such a lot to grasp for you, but it seems as if they're not too worried about you, inasmuch as everything seems to have settled down. You will have to wait for your next period to know where you are. If at any time you experience any heavy bleeding or severe pain, then you must be seen. Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you so much for your reply Diane. The pain has completely stopped since my last period, which is a relief. Still non the wiser to whether it was ectopic or miscarriage, had an ultrasound today so hopefully that’ll give me more details of what’s going on inside and fingers crossed will give me some hope. 😁

Hi i had a miscarriage in june and they weren't sure if i was having an ectopic at the time because of my symptoms but they did constant blood tests to make sure my hormones were coming down they said if they suddenly shot up then they would worry but as long as it keeps coming down everything is fine

Roseanne85 in reply to Lyn84

Oh really? A similar situation to myself! Yeah they monitored me too, my levels kept going down so they weren’t worried, which is a relief. Have you had any luck since? :-) x

Lyn84 in reply to Roseanne85

Im just waiting to find out if we have been accepted for ivf

Roseanne85 in reply to Lyn84

Fingers crossed! Lots of baby dust coming your way xxx

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