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Coming up to egg collection / transfer with DE ....and bloating with the drugs

Hi all I just wanted to speak to someone who has had IVF with donor eggs .

It's wierd I've been ploughing through my Burselin injections with some seriously menopausal symptoms at the start . I'm now on the progynova tablets and I am taking 6 tablets a day . The symptoms have settled since the tablets have kicked in .

I definelty have gained weight but think that has been due to bloating . After I take my injection my tummy feels like there is so much trapped air and with the tablets I wondered if anyone had experienced the same ? I do know IF we get a positive ????? 🙏🙏🙏, I'm going to put weight on .

My donor has her eggs collected tomorrow and I start the pessaries , transfer will happen on Wednesday / Thursday !

I'm very very nervous !!!...

Can anyone advise me how to cope with the 2ww , I'm coincidentally off work anyway as I am a teacher . I know I need to avoid lifting and hot baths !!!!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated or words of advise ....

I wish you all the luck with your own IVF journeys xxxx🙏🙏😊

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Hi Leah, we had IVF using donor egg back in June last year. Think I was very lucky as I didn't really get any side effects from the drugs, although it did feel like they went on for ages and ages and we were never going to get to egg transfer. I think altogether I was taking the injections for nearly 2 months.

I had the whole of the 2 weeks of as well and I found keeping busy was the key. I had lunch dates with friends, watched trashy tv and caught up on sleep. Me and my partner also went away for the weekend with family and friends which took our minds of it. I allowed myself a certain amount of time each day to use google and look on these kind on sites otherwise I would of driven myself crazy.

I ate and drank very healthy leading up to IVF and during the 2ww I didn't eat any chocolate or crisps or drink any caffeine. I also ate I slice of fresh pineapple a day including the core as its meant to have something in which helps implantation.

Anyway whatever I did worked for us as I am now sat here feeding my nearly 6 month old daughter and it is the best feeling in the world ❤️

Good luck with your journey hope you get the bfp you are so longing for xx


Awwww thanks Gemma for your reply . It's a strange one and I know what you mean . I feel like I've been on these drugs for ever .

I too have been eating healthy and will definitely be getting some pineapple ....

Also traded in cups of tea for the herbal teas .... Thanks for your response it means a lot xxx


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Hi leah345,

I am going to be a egg donor and am currently on the second stage with stim injections. I feel okay but am bloated.

As someone that is going to be sharing my eggs I wonder how it feels for you?

Before I started my meds I sat wondering how the girl would be feeling knowing its away to start. When I went for my baseline scan and everything was okay I was excited for both myself and the lady.

Fingers crossed for lots of eggs 🍀.

Good luck xxxx


Hi lucyloo . Your message meant the world to me .

I am so so grateful that people like yourself are coming forward to donate your eggs to people like myself who have t been so lucky with their own etc .

You are true heroes in my eyes !

I'm nervous about the egg collection tomorrow as there is another egg recipient as we are both on an egg share . I'm just praying and hoping my donor can help us out .

I can't think about the transfer until after tomorrow when I find out how many eggs she can provide for us . It's a crazy time but trying to think and hope with all my heart for positive results .

Thanks so much for your message xxx

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Aw thank you for replying xx


Best feeling in the world, isn't it? 😀

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Wow almost there now!! The 2ww is defo hard but just try and keep relax and occupied (easier said than done) adult colouring books, baking, puzzles, box sets and just take each day as it comes.

Good luck 🍀🍀


Thanks sooo much button 123 ..... Thankfully I have Netflix 😘😘xxx

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We used DE for our 3rd round of ICSI treatment. I found it harder emotionally as we were only given very limited information about how the donor (egg sharing scheme) was progressing compared to the 2 previous rounds when we'd used my eggs and had updates after regular scans. After her EC the eggs became 'ours' in my eyes and I started to get excited after they fertilised. Sadly we got another BFN and no frosties.

I didn't have many side effects from the drugs on any of our rounds, just lucky in that respect I guess.

Our first clinic said if you have any doubt about doing something to not do it and no housework or ironing after ET 😊. Drink plenty of water and make sure you have a fullish bladder for ET.

I really hope you get a good number of mature eggs and get a BFP.

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Oh pm27 , I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you ..... It's such an emotional roller coaster and I know there is no guarantee .... Thanks for your message and it sounds like you've certainly been through it 😨.... Will you try again ?

A friend of mine persisted after miscarrying on her 2nd go , but she got pregnant on her 5th go ! I know that does not help , but it proves it can happen . It still does t prepare you for the disappointment I'm sure ....

Sending you lots of luck with the future xxx


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