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Message for Mrsjj and anyone else doing the holistic route rather than IVF

Hi Mrsjj, hope you don't mind me asking but I read one of your messages relating to acupuncture so was wondering what else you did.

We are just starting on this journey after trying for 18 months or so. Along with getting all the tests done I am looking at reflexology for myself and husband - we have secondary infertility. Did you try reflexology? Also looking at acupuncture and Maya/Arvigo abdominal massage and adding fertility "super foods" to our diets.

What did you try?

I need to relax and stop getting so depressed about it all which I would think these therapies would help with but do you think it actually helps physically as well?

Thanks S x

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Hi S just saw your message. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility after trying for many years so I visited a great acupuncture therapist (who I initially saw for my back ) but I spent 6 months on and off having reflexology and reiki. I chose this route as NHS wouldn't offer us any additional help other than chlomid and the cost was just so high for ivf and I felt the success rates weren't too good. I quit sugar and caffeine and had a hi veg diet (alkaline diet) for about 2 months before I conceived. Was it all the things above that worked? Was it fate and just my time? For that I'm not sure tbh but I didn't have to spend any where near £5k and felt so well during last year undergoing these therapies. I also started a gym program which kept me active and distracted. My 39th birthday in November (with friends who have 2/3/4 kids) all told me the same stuff we all here 'it will happen' 'stop tracking everything' and in December 2016 I stopped charting and conceived. I had 2 courses of reflexology nr Haverhill and 2 acupuncture session in Harlow. Both these ladies were specialists. Whatever you decide to choose as your route it will help your body and mind and mine really helped me get back on track with my mindfulness. All I would say is give it a chance to work, acupuncture was supposed to be 3 months to re-set your cycles/body etc and reflexology is much cheaper.

Message me privately if you want, i can try to help where I can, I'm no expert other than I know the hurt and sadness we all feel. I live in Essex xx

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Many thanks for your reply - very helpful. Looks like we will be doing similar things as you although our more in-depth tests are not yet complete. Whatever the outcome of these tests trying these therapies and eating right can't hinder but only help in the long run, I guess. I'm just in a bit of a low at the moment which I need to climb out of. (A friend gleefully told me she was pregnant "without even trying" and my period has arrived 4 days early this month - gah!) These are positive steps we are taking for ourselves so I just need to see them through, give them a chance, as you say, and focus on the bigger picture...

I have my first reflexology appointment this Thursday pm - I feel quite nervous, I don't know why. My husband and I have enjoyed our change in diet this last weekend - mostly loads more veg. I've got a list of fertility super foods for both of us and I'm adding these to our meals - some we already eat but just to eat them more frequently now and some things we are cutting down on or cutting out (coffee to decaf/herbal tea sort of thing). I'm also looking for an acupuncturist who specialises in fertility issues - my husband is not sure about either for himself but he is happy to give either a go but doesn't like to be "fussed" with, so I'm going first to see what its all about and report back!

I will update as I go along - I may PM you if OK - many thanks again for your reply - best wishes xx


Hi Hun I'm on holiday and just seen your reply. I've just had two friends tell me they are pregnant one with her 5th and one with her 3rd (neither trying both were told they may struggle have kids) I told my husband if I wasn't already pregnant that news would have sent me over the edge! I can only hope that your treatment be as health beneficial and work for you as it did for me. Have faith in the process and be good to yourselves while you are doing it. If there are no scientific reasons for it not to work, then you will have your baby it's just a shame no one can tell us when to save all the tears and sleepless nights. We also practised visualisation and created a life mood board, I was told to put a teddy in the room I'd allocate for our new baby as a sign. Some people may think this is all strange but it was the spiritual route I felt I wanted to follow and it made me happy during the journey.

Don't be nervous, the emotional pain is worse than the physical. I look forward to reading your successful post asap xx

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