Did anyone else turn into a blimp after failed IVF?

Hi, I'm beginning to wonder if the medication has completely messed my system up. I put on weight during my first cycle and put that down to treating myself to the little things in life that give me joy e.g. Chocolate. However, 2 months on from our bfn and 4 weeks after a full detox of NO sugar, grains, dairy or legumes I'm still 3/4 st more than I was before I started IVF. I'm about to start down regging for my next cycle in 2 weeks and really wanted to nurture my body so it could be in tip top form and to be fair I do feel well but I am literally spilling out everywhere! Also, my skin around my chin is really bad. Everywhere else it's looking great which is expected with the detox. I've done the detox lots of times before and it is amazing. Your digestive system gets a break and you feel so much better but I've never not lost at least half a stone or had complete clear up of my skin. I know spots on your chin mean something is amiss with your hormones. Any advice on what to do next? I am worried that the next round is going to require a whole new wardrobe if the same happens again. Also, I just want to feel and look nice in my clothes. If I don't get to have a baby, surely it's not too much to ask that I look alright? Any advice gratefully received! xxx

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  • Aargh I'm with you on this!! I'm a good stone heavier than I used to be and it's driving me nuts! My reflexologist wants me to go grain and gluten free for a while to help keep my endometriosis at bay whilst we try naturally, so will see if that does anything for me.... xxxx

  • I love grain and gluten free. There are some really good recipes in my Whole 30 detox book. I think you'll notice s difference in how you feel if you do it. Good luck! x

  • Thanks Mrs C xxx

  • Morning Mrs C unfortunately I can't help you but your Defoe not alone.

    I have had 4 cycles since last February and my weight is highest it's ever been. I mean I am not huge but I am really struggling to vet the weight off no matter how well I eat or exercise.

    It's really getting me den and I just don't want to do anything as I feel so unattractive. I can only assume it's because I have been pumping these drugs into my system for over a year.


  • Thanks. At least I'm not the only one. Google just suggests it's down to poor diet but that simply doesn't apply to me. I've been eating fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and eggs only for four weeks now. It's also the skin around my chin that's the clue. There has to be something up with my hormones. xxx

  • I used to suffer with really bad skin as a teenager particularly around my chin area and was always told it a hormonal xx

  • Ah bless you.. After 5 rounds of ivf and the amount of drugs I am a stone heavier and can't shift it like I used to.. It's like now my whole metabolism has. Changed.. Run out of ideas.. Hope you discover some.. Lots of love 😍 xx

  • Oh man... Hopefully, it gets better. To be quite honest I am really new to all of this and I have expected ivf to have some bad impact on your health and your appearance I guess. But you know what, I always believed that with some time all of it will go away and you'll come back to normal, no? But of course we should consider the age and other different things but with me, it was always the case...

    I know that meds used within ivf are messing up with your body and it is strongly advised to not undergo more than 5 rounds of it and make some pauses between them.


  • I've gained weight after two cycles. I don't eat more than I used to pre ivf. I was a 10/12, now I'm a 12/14 😕 Even my fingers are fatter! 😕 X

  • I broke a zip on a dress the other day. It fitted before Ivf! I have put it down to metabolism slowing with age. I'm trying to do a bit more exercise but not right now as I'm in the 2ww so can't go swimming/do Pilates as I usually would each week and I don't dare get on my exercise bike! I probably could but I'm scared of messing something up! I've just been trying to keep walking!

  • Ps have you been eating lots of soya on your detox? That can mess with hormones and might explain your spots?

  • Hiya. No soya is a legume so it's not permitted during my detox. Thanks for letting me know this though as I'll continue to avoid it. x

  • Omg yes!! I've put on a stone since starting ivf and that was only in feb. Being ultra good now but just can't shift the weight. Its really getting me down as all my clothes are too tight. I'm about to start an fet on sat so I'm going to be the biggest blimp going in a couple of weeks...just in time for summer yay!! I definitely wouldn't pass the bmi measure now so god knows what I'll have to do if we have to do a new fresh cycle...wire my jaws shut and tie myself to a treadmill apparently xxx

  • Ohh I'm soooo glad someone posted about this! I have put on at least half a stone in my first fresh cycle and I cannot shift any of it! I'm trying with a structured diet but it's so hard!

    Sorry I can't help but know you're not alone! X

  • I became massive. : ( I did a 6 week transformation back in January with this cycle in mind and lost 20lbs. I haven't put anything on so far this cycle which I find bizarre x

  • Wow! Well done you! What was your transformation? I need to transform. I thought my detox would be perfect but it just hasn't worked in terms of weight loss. x

  • If you Google elite transformation there may be one in your area. It's intense 6 week eating and exercise plan. If you lose the 20lbs you get your money back. Amazing incentive x

  • Thanks! Sounds amazing! I'll look it up. x

  • Thanks for everyone's replies. Whilst I'm sad that you are also suffering with the same thing, it is reassuring to know I'm not the only one. I hope we find a magic cure which will help us all. xxx

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