Advice for getting the best chance please?

Hi guys, we are waiting for my period to be able to start stimulation (short course) on our first cycle of ICSI... I'm already taking folic acid and vitamin D as advised by our specialist, do you guys know of anything else me and my OH could be taking to give us our best shot please? I remember reading a ladies input a while back in regards to helping the strength of the sperm, but while I was just browsing in the background regrettably didn't take note.

I also read a lot about acupuncture on here- could I ask why you guys have it and is it beneficial?

Feeling a little out of my depth with everything this week as it's all starting to feel real ☺️

Sending good baby wishes to everyone ⭐️

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  • My clinic recommended Proxeed women for me. It is meant to improve the egg quality. I took it thinking it was maybe a placebo but actually my ovaries did surprisingly well given my low amh so maybe it works.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply... I will definitely look at that, thankyou 😃

  • Hello... it seems such a long road to begin with! Anyway... So acupunturists seem to be able to detect so much about you, mine picked up on additional health issues none about fertility issues. However she felt I was fine and a good blood flow to my uterus so it's great for additional insight and it's good for relaxation. However as she felt I didn't have fertility issues I only went for 3 sessions. My issue relates to my husband having a vasectomy. I did get her sports car in the divorce but I don't feel that's adequate compensation for having to do ivf! Anyways it didn't work out on my first round... however I got 17 mature eggs and all fertized. Lots in the freezer now. So I would say drink loads of water, but apart from that I don't know what the magic answer was. I did also drink red wine throughout, until egg transfer. So with my next frozen cycle I went all out. I had a fertilty massage the day before egg transfer to get that blood flowing, made hubby have sex in the morning as I read that it stimulates blood flow and sperm is rumoured to be sticky. That's obviously not possible with a fresh but just to let you know. I had a massage 6 days before but that was just a thai one. Did the pineapple core and Brazil nuts. Oh and meditated as soon as they were in. Just did visualisation of embryos etc. And yes I got my bfp. Still early days but I felt I did everything in my power to aid matter. Fundamentally I think it's genetics... but wishing you lots and lots of luck. Xxx

  • Oh waw, congratulations on your positive... how exciting!

    I'm definitely going enquire about it all I think, lots of information thankyou.

    Can I ask what the pineapple core and Brazil nut idea is though please, I've not heard of that? X

  • You are welcome. I am not normally super holistic but I think it has it's place and I enjoyed it. Brazil nuts I had 5 a day from 7 days before till around 6 dpt and had one slice of fresh pineapple with the core for 5 days up to transfer. You will read positives and negatives about it. But I thought I did it in moderation so hopefully didn't cause harm. Xxx

  • I didn't have the nuts but ate pretty much a pineapple a day in 2ww including the core! Mind you they were 50p each from Asda and really tasty.

    In 2ww I upped the fresh full milk aswell.

    Presume they've already told you to cut out alcohol and caffeine?

  • Hi! Do you mean no alcohol and caffeine? I don't have either anyway so we are ok with that... ooo that is cheap, I'll have to have a nose! Thankyou 😃

  • Both me and hubby take pregnecare vitabiotics for conception, his and hers pack, both ate loads of pomegranate and pomegranate juice, loads of seeds and nuts, xx I also done acupuncture and love reflexology for relaxation, good luck ☝️🙏❤🌈💋

  • Sorry for the late reply... we are both taking the vitabiotics too, I'll give the rest a try 🤞🏼 Thankyou!! Xxx

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