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Failed ivf

Hi ladies after failed ivf and waiting for my next appointment and see if they will help next time. Iam 41 so worried they won't help. Some people say try and not think about it. Relax. Hard tho. Don't understand. You have kids. I don't. So thought I start having fruit and nut for my breakfast. Wot milk wood be better. Get healthier. Lose weight put on. Try and not Google. Drink pomegranate juice everyday and still take multivitamin.

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Hi conwayblue! Hope you'll get good news this time.. Fingers crossed for you. But what does your doctor says on the reason for your failure? Have you checked your amh level? I suppose it's high enough to start ivf with your eggs.. or are you up to donor ones? At least don't be upset .. having one cycle is almost nothing.. sometimes just considered to be a trial one.. they will adjust the protocol next time for it to be more successful. That's why I go for 5 attempt package ..in other case they guarantee the refund.. Wish you all the best x


Hi Conwayblue. Just thought I would send you my list of good things to eat while trying to get pregnant. Also, I have a couple of lists of questions I could send you to look through before going for a further consultation. too long to add here, but email in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org and I will send them to you. A good diet to have at this time consists of variety, however, I have listed some of the “good” things to have: Carbohydrates - Wholegrain bread and wholemeal pasta, oatmeal, brown rice. All fresh vegetables especially raw or steamed. Over boiling rids them of vitamins and minerals, pineapple juice, apricots, potatoes, all fruit and honey, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Protein - Organic meat if possible, poultry, fish, Milk and hard cheese, nuts and seeds. Fat - Extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil, avocado and peanut butter, mackerel, sardines, nuts (especially Brazil and walnuts), seeds, sweet corn and sweet potatoes. The things to avoid are too much sugar, processed foods, ready meals, butter, ice cream etc. A little is OK, but not all the time. Drink plenty of water and only a little tea and coffee if feeling deprived. Cut right down or right out – alcohol and smoking. Oh and don’t forget the Folic Acid! Hope this helps and good luck with it all. Diane


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