Bath or plymouth

Has anyone had any experience of these clinics for IVF?

Our FET failed in January after having a cycle at Exeter.

Looking like nearly 6k to do full fresh cycle as have had free single cycle with NHS (successful first time). We have used all frozen embies so back to step 1. Freaking out worrying if I make the wrong decision about who to go with.

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  • Hi

    My first failed round was with Exeter, and I'm now with Bath. Although my second round with Bath wasn't successful I really recommend them. They are great and have given me so much confidence. They also offer the refund program, which when you have to pay really helps take your mind off the finances.

    Definitely recommend visiting them and you'll see what I mean, so friendly and service they offer is great.

    Good luck.

  • Please could you send me some information about how the refund programme works? X

  • Hiya the website is hope that helps xx

  • Hi! I didn't go through with it in the end as the night before scheduling we discovered we were pregnant!

    I spoke to bath though and they were really helpful. They have a number for you to call the finance company too but i never called. Best of luck! X

  • I have pm you xx

  • I am with the Bath Fertility Centre and can't recommend them highly enough. I have had one cycle which resulted in OHSS - the first frozen transfer was a BFN but currently 10 weeks following a natural frozen transfer (my 2nd transfer). The clinic itself is nice and more importantly all of the staff (from reception, to all the nurses, the counsellor and my consultant Mr Walker) have all been absolutely wonderful throughout the journey. Have no experience of Plymouth so can't comment on them but can highly recommend Bath. Good luck with whatever you choose xx

  • Hello, thank you for your reply. Did you use the refund programme? I don't really understand how it works going to phone them tomorrow. Xx

  • I’m afraid not, mine was my one NHS cycle so didn’t look into it. I am sure they will be very helpful if you ring! X

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