Bath or plymouth

Has anyone had any experience of these clinics for IVF?

Our FET failed in January after having a cycle at Exeter.

Looking like nearly 6k to do full fresh cycle as have had free single cycle with NHS (successful first time). We have used all frozen embies so back to step 1. Freaking out worrying if I make the wrong decision about who to go with.

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  • Hi

    My first failed round was with Exeter, and I'm now with Bath. Although my second round with Bath wasn't successful I really recommend them. They are great and have given me so much confidence. They also offer the refund program, which when you have to pay really helps take your mind off the finances.

    Definitely recommend visiting them and you'll see what I mean, so friendly and service they offer is great.

    Good luck.

  • I have pm you xx

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