Tracking scan

Hello everyone hope your all well today. I had my first tracking scan today, iv done 5 stimm injections and 2 antagonist so far.

Scan today showed some nice big follicles, so far theres 7 on each ovary so 14 in total. I'm relieved as don't want ohss again. Next scan is Friday, hopefully if all good I should have egg collection next Monday. Little nervous but feeling positive 😊❀🌈

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  • That a great news flossy!! All sounding very positive, long may that continue for you!xx

  • I was so relieved, with changing to short protocol this time and lowering the stimm amount i was fretting nothing would happen but needn't have 😊 here's hoping not too many more by Friday. Oh and my lining was at 10 already πŸ˜€. Definately feeling positive. Hope your feeling OK today? xx

  • Gosh that's great considering you're on lower stims & short protocol and your lining is brilliant! I'm ok today, not so emotional as I've been the last couple of days so that's always a plus! Ha ha ha xx

  • To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. Yeah my gonal f was lowered to 100 this time as I had severe ohss last time.

    Aww I'm glad your feeling ok today, it's very emotional. I don't think the hormones help, iv been a right pain in the bum these past 3days iv had meltdowns one minute, and fine the next. Iv gone from happy to moody in a split second, not sure how my hubby copes lol. Xx 😊

  • Ha ha ha snap Flossy! Our poor hubbys!😨 I saw you had a bad time last time. Sounds like they have everything under control this time!!xx

  • Haha iv lost track of the times iv apologised to my poor hubby and had to give the puppy dog sorry eyes lol. So glad he understands me so well. Yeah last time was very painful & scary for me. Definately feel more in control this time xx

  • Must be such a relief! Lovely news! xx

  • Oh it certainly is, one step closer 😊 good luck for tomorrow I'm sure your nervous/excited. Xx

  • One more than the other?! x

  • I'm sure you'll get good news, I'm rooting for you xx

  • Great number Flossy. Good luck for Monday xx

  • Thank you hun 😊❀ xx

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