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Hi all, well just had my 1st scan I have 1 follicle at 16mm and 8 smaller ones, she said it is to be expected with having low amh but I feel so dishearten by it all, back on Friday to see if there is any change, if not might have to have egg collection on Monday with just the one follicle. Has this happened to anyone else and it changed by the next scan or had egg collection with only one follicle and got enough eggs x

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  • Hi Janer85 Im around the same stage as you, first scan was on Monday. My AMH isnt that high either (done a year ago and was 7.19), I have seen a big difference from may last scan which was day 8 and my biggest follicle was around 12mm. Had another two days later (today) and my two biggest were 17mm and 15mm. I have smaller follicles and they expect these to catch up although some smaller ones wont. Im being rescanned on Friday again with a view to collection on monday but they wont give me a collection date until I have two follicles are 18mm. Try not to be too disheartened, there is still time and of course they may even keep you on stims for longer! A hot water bottle in the evenings, drinking lots of water (though Im told not cold water from the fridge, this was from my acupuncturist) and eating protien can help them along and of course the drugs! Good luck!xx

  • I'll try and get a hot water bottle tonight. Hopefully some more my smaller ones with grow abit and keep me on stims for longer. How many eggs can you get from one follicle? I just really want this to work xx

  • Unfortunately it's just the one and the bad news is not every follicles has an egg. Yes I definitely think the heat helps or seemed to help me last cycle and this cycle! I know what you mean, this is my last chance and it's really got me on edge! Fingers crossed for you for Friday!!xx

  • Thankyou, just hope it's better news. All the best to you too xx

  • It seems to me there's be a number of options they should present to you. The prob might be that the clinic is closing for Christmas which might mean they prefer an earlier option. One would be letting go of the leading one and keeping on with stimms until the other 8 catch up. Another would be to cancel the cycle. I would do this if they're saying collect one. If you're nhs they won't count it as your cycle. If you're private then you should get a partial refund. Please ask them about these options as just going in an collecting one doesn't seem the best plan. 9 follicles are a decent amount...

  • Hello everyone my scan was also monday and had one follicle at 13mm n one follicle at 11mm i have second scan 2marow and see ifthere is any change. They are approximately supposed to grow bettwenn 1-2 mm each day. Best wishes for u lovely.xxx

  • This is my first cycle of Ivf and my only funded one and I really don't want to waste it, thankyou for your advice it really helps xxx

  • There might be an option to wait for your smaller ones to grow and discount the one that will be too big. How big were your smaller ones? I have low amh and never have lots of follicles to play with. Hoping for the best for you xx

  • I'm sure I had 3 at about 8 or 10mm and a few more, has this happened to you before anna0908? Xx

  • I managed to get 5 or 6 eggs off on my 2 rounds. Mine all grew fairly closely together but read lots about low amh and have seen others have there biggest follicle sacrificed for the other smaller ones if there is a good group together behind. Try and stay positive til your next scan as lots can change, and I would have thought your 8-10 size follicles would have a good chance to grow. All mine tend to be around 8 on the first scan and always grew! Xxx

  • That's positive news, thankyou xx

  • Hi I think I'm around the same stage as you I'm on my second day of cetrotide today. Went for scan this morning folicals growing but I don't think I've got any that big yet. Due for another scan on Friday.

    Hope your feeling better from injections and getting used to them.

  • Hey amylcollins, I'm not to bad with my merional injections but got my 2nd cetrotide one coming up soon not looking forward to that. How are you getting on?? Hope scan goes well on Friday, I have my second scan Friday too xx

  • I had a vv low amh only 0.05 but I got 6 eggs. .all went to 5 day so don't dispair

  • Thankyou, I've been reading stuff most of today and sitting with a hot water bottle, just hope there is some improvement tomorrow xx

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