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Ovulation tests - question


Hi all. This for u has been a god send to me for the last 3 years. It had been a long journey with some ups and downs.

Currently we are trying to get pregnant naturally. I have been using ovulation strips. My question is: if the ovulation test was positive yesterday and get fainter today when is the best time to get intimate?

We have been doing it for the last 4 days and just wondering is there is any point of repeating it after the positive test? I had googled it obviously but find the info quite confusing...

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When we tried for our daughter we tried every other day after my period finished & day of lh surge & the day after.

Some fertility experts say ovulation tests can cause more stress & if you try 2-3 times a week you would have just as much chance of getting pregnant.

Whatever works for you, after detecting lh surge you shouldn’t need to test for ovulation that cycle.

Good luck I hope you get a BFP soon xxx

Buisquits in reply to jess1981

Thank you for your reply. We have fertility issues and want to give a good try before we got back to the clinic for FET. The chances are close to none slanyway so no pressure really.

I'm happy it worked for you. We will try it the next cycle!

jess1981 in reply to Buisquits

Thank you really difficult journey but worth It.

That’s fair enough. Coz of my endo we felt under a time limit to fall as it grows rapidly to be honest we were gobsmacked it happened didn’t expect to ! At least if you are trying at the “perfect “ time you’ll know you gave it your best shot. I wish you the best you never know never say never xxx

Buisquits in reply to jess1981

Just out of interest if you don't mind, how long did it take you to conceive your daughter?

Sorry for late reply, busy with Francesca & ( not all offended for question hope you didn’t think I was )

It took us 7 years.

But it took us 5 years & 10 months of TTC for me to be diagnosed with endometriosis. We then had a chemical pregnancy after my 1st lap. Had another 2 surgeries to treat my endo. 2 months after my last surgery I conceived our daughter. We had almost given up all hope of it ever happening & had made a plan of action to get back to our fertility dr ( by the time of appointment I cancelled it as I was 7 weeks pregnant!!!)

Many times we thought of giving up it felt so impossible to have a baby. We watched everyone around us have babies & it was such a lonely painful place to be. We will never forget how hard it was.

But I think you end up appreciating your baby that bit more & I believe it has made us closer family unit. as crap as this journey you do appreciate it so much more than a couple who didn’t struggle 👍🏻 xxxx

Buisquits in reply to jess1981

I am sorry you have to go through all that. It is so unfair, isn't it. There are people who don't w at to get pregnant and do while we fight for the last ray of hope every day.

Some pole won't agree with you about the appreciation, but I do. Some of my happily fertile friends say sometimes they look at they child and think 'why did we do that? What have we done with our lives?'. All in lighthearted way of course but never have i looked at my boy thinking that. Even in the early morning hours when he was up for no reason I was thinking how lucky I am to have that little terror running around.

I hope all you wish for will happen to you 💖

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