Happy new's

Today my lovely friend phoned to let me know that he's has been accepted for adoption. Two and a half years later D and his husband will finally be parents.

The conversations we both have had together are so alike "will it ever happen" "I wonder if it will be a girl or a boy".

Regardless of where the egg came from or if we carried the baby. The child we bring up will be loved and will be ours.

Sharing the love one happy friend right over here 🀚Xxx

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  • Ahhh that's awesome news Lucyloo81!! They must be so over the moon!! Wishing them all the best, exciting times ahead!!xx

  • Aww wow how lovely. This may be a possible route we go down so very encouraging xx

  • Hats off them. You need courage to take such decisions. It's wonderful... I wish them all the best for their parenthood...

    Sending love to them %)

  • Beautiful. Congrats to your friends and good on you for sharing in their joy. Xx

  • Love this happy post :-) So happy for your friends!

  • Brrrrriiiilllant news honey. Very best wishes.xxxx

  • Lovely news xxx

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