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12 weeks! Surrogacy! Happy!



On the 9 of March my Surrogate Mother is having her 12 weeks of pregnancy! Well.. The news is that it will be our first time seeing her in person! We are so happy, I am really anticipating it. I can’t stop imagining or first time seeing each other… How was it for you all? Who had already met their surrogates before…. Oh I am so nervous. I am nervous because it will be 12 weeks of the pregnancy which will mean that we are “half” there.

I have already sent flight details to our manager oh.. nervous…

I hope to see our twins too! I have been keeping their US pictures on the bedside table and looking at them whenever I can!

Well well I am really emotional right now…

Good luck to everyone!


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This is super exciting..I am so excited for you..good luck xxxx

bethany2 in reply to vic77

Thank you a lot. I am a bit overexcited.... I can't keep my joy inside and all of my friends are already tired of me writing them the same message over and over again. I was in a state of shock when I received the update of our manager

well hope to calm down a bit haha


Great! Congratulations!!!!

I hope to have some positive news as well...

Oh you will! Do not let yourself feel down!


Thank you a lot!

Well this morning I started feeling better. do not know why but I have spent yesterday's evening reading everyone's posts about their BFPs and I felt like there is still hope for me... I suppose I shouldn't have posted that rant earlier, just had to look at what others do and how they feel... because what I have been experiencing it is not exclusive, everyone experiences the same pack of anxiety and joy and depression and happiness. we all are practically the same although everyone treats their nervousness differently

thank you for making me smile with you little update, I hope you love your SM!

haha you're welcome haha jk

no but in all seriousness I feel like you should let go of your unlucky past and look into your bright future! I am sure that for now the only thing you need to start everything over is to start believing again in your success. that maybe your next try will be your last one ;)

Oh I hope that we will become good friends. as I have heard that after she delivers our kids it will be only up to us whether to stay in touch with her or not. And up to her too obviously. I hope that we will form a strong friendship and I would be very happy to support her in everything she decides to do.

PS I believe that our SM is the best woman in the world

I hope to see your updates in 2 days too I am so curious about what you surrogate mother will be like! how will you find each other and all the other stuff!

Can you tell me what else you are going to do when you come to your clinic except meeting with your surrogate mom? I mean what kind of analysis or something of that sort? or it will be just a time to spend with your SM? Sorry to ask all of that... I am very interested in what it is all going to be like haha

PS maybe I am going to start trying pretty soon, I had the consultation with my GP he said that my health and I overall are ready for the next step in our fertility journey

Basically it is going to be her 12 weeks US scan and screening on the chromosomes. We are expecting to see the baby and maybe our drs will tell us the genders of our twins. I have heard that sometimes it is still possible at the 12 week. And after SM has her scan and we see our lovely children we are going to have some time with our surro mom. that's it.

Wow! amazing news!

so do you have a plan yet?

Aww congratulations this is so lovely xxx

bethany2 in reply to Mayaudrey

Thank you so much! We have already arrived in Kiev. My emotions are all over the place! I cannot contain my happiness and my husband says that I should take some calming pills. I suppose we are going out with the quest of finding the nearest drugstore.

It’s a shame that they couldn’t organize US scan a bit earlier because I can’t wait, I just can’t wait.

Lots of love


Even more lovely news Bethany, I love this. Hope all continues to go well for you x x x

bethany2 in reply to MommaBear16

Thank you dear! I am all in preparations for our next trip to Ukraine. It's on 6 of April! We're going to have the 16 weeks scan and possibly we will see clearly our bbies :)

I am very excited and nervous as per usual.

Just want the program to continue as it is till the very end

How are you?


I thought that too, like not only that the surrogate mother already had a baby of her own but she delivered a healthy child for another couple and obviously as she takes part in another surrogacy program there were no issues with her participation in surrogacy before. so that gave me hope that everything would be alright and I was not wrong at all. She is amazing. Honestly. I feel like she knows what she's doing and it actually makes her happy. I am always tearing up thinking of her..

Oh I hope so although I am not sure, what if they decide to turn their backs to us :D But anyways I am all for gender equality and if it happens that we buy all for boys and we have 2 daughters it'll do I think :)

Thinking of you



You sound very happy :)

Is it your 16 week?

I understand your emotional state! it does take a lot of nerves, this type of a fertility program. So I think that it is natural and you should take it as it is


bethany2 in reply to sx_tz28

Yes of course it is very nerve racking especially going to another country and participating in a program like this

I have acquainted a lot of couples there who became the good friends of mine and it's made the whole thing a lot easier and better:)

well. it is OUR 16 weeks and we actually have a flight to Ukraine tomorrow. hopefully everything will be fine

we're almost done with everything, we have already sent our arrivals and departures to our manager's mail and she said that she has already prepared the hotel room for us and the driver will be waiting for us the moment we land. :)

for now we are not communicating frequently but I am planning to get her email nd phone number to have an opportunity to contact her :) no, not for now, but this is a very good idea as we communicate with our manager through viber and whatsapp

really? that's cool! Wishing you the best of luck!


thank you hun!

Today is the day!

we are currently at the hotel waiting for the car

oh I feel like the history repeats itself haah


I think I am going to leave my updates here soon :)

Hi. I'm so happy for you. I'm sure it'll all be great. You must be very excited. I was, too! When I met our surrogate mother, we did all we could to appeal to her. We wanted her to be happy to be matched with us. And well, 12 weeks is basically one trimester out of three. But I can understand your desperation. Each week passing seems like you're getting closer now. There is going to be so many emotions. Just calm yourself down. I'm sure she'll be a great person. Which clinic did you match her with? Clinic's reputation matters, too. Good luck on your meeting and update us.

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