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Hello all I am currently 5 weeks 4 days pregnant ! I had a high hcg on 14 May of 330 since then it's been going up nicely x since Friday though it's been not quite doubling here and there so :

Friday 1900

Saturday 3000

Monday 5200

Wednesday 8900

Nurse said absolutely fine but I'm worried about non doubling ? Should it double every 48 or 72 hours ?

I'm in for early scan Friday xx

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  • Great numbers! You definitely need to relax.

    At first it should double but it may be increased only by half or 1.8 within 48-72 hours and it's ok. This development must be dynamic and yours definitely is of that kind. After the 5th week it increases a bit different. It doubles in 72-96 hours. usual hcg for 5-6 week is 1200-6000. You shouldn't worry at all dear. I wish you healthy and smooth pregnancy! Take care xx

  • Hi kc21. Beta hCG bloods should be 7,200 and above for 5/40wks so you're well on track. You will be having your first scan very soon now, so that should reassure you further. Good luck with it all. Diane

  • I have ohss and my hormones went from 26000 to 40000 in 48 hours that normal?

  • Hi Del92. Could there be two little munchkins on board?? It will level out soon, but that is a good number. Surely your OHSS is settling now?? Diane

  • I had a scan at 5 weeks seen heartbeat, mild ohss and yeah it is drinking 3 L of water, a L of water a day and lots of protein, gotta scan next Wednesday.. hoping ovaries will go down by then. Is that what you should be doing for mild ohss? Xx

  • OK. I wold have thought your ovaries were settling back down nicely by now - fingers crossed, then you can cut down on the water a bit. It won't hurt though having extra with the warm weather. Diane

  • I should be drinking lots of water anyway shouldn't I to flush it thru ? X

  • Yes. what happens is the smaller follicles keep growing and "pop" so you lose extra fluid, apart from wee, poo and sweat, so you need to guard against dehydration. Your ovaries should be recovering now, so you should soon be OK. Diane

  • It will Plateau soon Hun. Numbers look great! xx

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