HCG Levels- help!!!

So I got a BFP by blood test on Monday 18th July where my HCG reading was 89- I had the test repeated on Wednesday 20th July and my reading was 104 (no where near doubled- 16% increase) had the test repeated today Friday and it's gone up to 183 so still not doubled but increased by 76%- my private clinic haven't been that helpful have just told me to register at my EPU so they can monitor me closely for an ectopic and carry on with all medication. I had two embroys transferred so they have said it could be just one now sticking???

Can anyone give me any hope with these readings?! It's just one thing after another πŸ˜₯ Can't get hold of the EPU so don't know whether to go down there??? Xx

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  • I feel for you as I experienced something similar, sadly mine didn't end well but plenty of others have been in a similar position and gone on to have positive outcomes. You can just turn up at epu just be prepared to wait, they told me they look for a 66% increase every 48hrs and if your tests are at different times of day it can effect it if it's not quite the 48hr period. Just go with as long as it's still rising it's positive.

    Here if you need anything xxx

  • Thanks for writing back button. Sorry to hear about you, that must have been really tough. It's just awful isn't it? After all that time of get a BFP and this part is even worse than the 2ww!!! I'm going to take myself down to the EPU on Monday hopefully they will give me another blood test and maybe a scan il only be 5 weeks. I am not holding out much luck but am hoping and praying it works.

    How's your journey going? Are you starting a new cycle soon? Xx

  • It was awful at the time but I am ok now thanks. We have used our NHS goes now so have an appointment at a new private clinic next to hopefully see where we go from here. It's such a tough journey we are all on, know how you feel though to get your longed for BFP then have all this additional worry. I would advise to go to EPU as early as you can to avoid the waiting, they might not scan you but might do a speculum examination to check your cervix etc (abit like a smear) I was bleeding though so maybe that's why they did that. i am really hoping you get good news xxx

  • Glad you are ok now. This journey is definitely not for the faint hearted. Xx

    I have told myself I am not looking at any more HCG levels online or googling anything. I have an apt with an EPU here on Tuesday so hopefully will know more then. Until then I am going to try and relax as much as possible!!!! Xx

  • Sounds like a good plan, there's so many conflicting things online it sends you crazy X

  • I'm really sorry to hear this, it's so cruel to have so much uncertainty. Feet up, be gentle on yourself. I have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Thank you! How's things going with you? Xx

  • Yeh ok, pretty wobbly and don't really believe it if I'm honest. No blood test offered so just have to wait another two weeks to find out if I am actually pg or not. I hope you have a plan for today to keep your mind occupied, I've everything crossed xx

  • I think it's probably better that they haven't offered blood test as its something else to obsess over!! Just enjoy being pregnant!

    We're off to the seaside today with the dog try and relax a bit xx

  • I think 'obsess' is my new middle name!

    Have a lovely day at the seaside, sounds like a lovely way to spend the day x

  • Hello, I'm in the same boat, it is so difficult. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my clinic have tested me every day for the last week and had a scan a few days ago to try to rule out ectopic but they couldn't see anything so will have another next week and in the meantime if I feel any pain to call them or go to A and E. I was told they should rise 66% every 48hrs and they nearly have so I don't really know why they are so worried but it's making me worried. And yesterday we had a 50% rise in 24hrs so I don't have to go back until Monday. I did have intralipids the day before which may have helped. So maybe you will also just be a slow starter, I started at 80 on the first day too. Wishing you lots of good luck xxx

  • Sorry to hear you are going through something similar- all the waiting around is horrible but I am trying to keep myself busy. Yeah I have been told the exact same thing if any pain to go straight to a&e- I actually got my private clinic to send through my HCG results so I can take them to EPU on Tuesday and she even told me the wrong results - Monday they 83, Tuesday 101 and yesterday 183 so they have risen slightly better. Between weds and fri it was an 81% increase so I don't know why they make you worry so much I know it's not doubling in 48 hours but have seen its between 48-73 hours and had they given me 72 hours it may have gone 100%. I am trying to not stress over numbers until Tuesday il be 5w1day.

    Wishing you all the best for Monday lovely have everything crossed for you xxx

  • You sound very similar to me, I was tested on consecutive days, 81, 100, 170, 200, 275, 364, 554. I was also told 66% over 48 hours or doubled between 48-72 hours. I think all of my results were around that statistic except one. I know some people who have had a high number to start with around 4-500 and keep doubling every 48 hours which might be twins. Why can't we just be straight forward after everything we've been through! I've been trying not to get too caught up on numbers but it is so difficult and I feel like they are concerning us unnecessarily but I think they have to warn us of course as they are professionals but would be nice if they told us in a more reassuring way maybe? So will they test you on Tuesday at the EPU?


  • Did you get treatment for NK cells in the end? What did you have to help address your immune issues?


  • They definitely have to warn us I understand that but completely agree with you, there could be a bit more compassion! My clinic were unbelievable just said that I would need to register with the EPU and basically there was nothing more they could do for me no offer of more blood test I couldn't believe it! Just palming us off! I spoke to a nurse yesterday at the EPU and they are going to redo my bloods and scan me not sure what they will see tho il only be 5 weeks then but at least it might rule out ectopic! I've seen online some women have such high levels at 5 weeks which worry me too but I have told myself every pregnancy is different and that as long as the level is rising I'm still pregnant. Your numbers seem good to me we seem quite similar, keep positive. Are you just having a blood test Monday? When are they next scanning you??

    Yeah I had high NK levels so I have been taking clexane and prenisalone since my surge and then had an itralipid day before my transfer (next one scheduled for 5th August) and been taking cyclogest and lubion! Was your intralipid your first one the other day? Are your levels high too? you taking any other medication? Xx

  • It's crazy that they just send you to EPU, but if they don't think they can do anything at least you're getting free treatment from EPU. I think my clinic are quite unique in their follow up, they want to do everything they can to get you pregnant and then to keep you pregnant. So since my positive pregnancy test on Friday, I had an IVIG drip on Saturday, then an intralipid on Thursday. And if it progresses I will have repeat blood tests every 3 weeks with the possibility of another IVIG each time. Maybe you can ask for another intralipid to boost your numbers? It seemed to make a difference to my numbers. I've now had 2 IVIGs and 1 intralipid. My NKs and Cytokines are high but they've been checked twice in the last month or so which tells them how to treat, my friend at the same clinic got a positive and was tested again and doesn't need the drip today. It makes me think they're not just trying to take your money. I'm taking Cyclogest, Clexane, aspirin, progesterone injections and I was on a steroid but they stopped that. They clinic have everyone on a completely unique drug regime to each person and each day they call you up to change doses depending on your blood results. They have been really good.

    I had a scan on Thursday and they couldn't see anything so have to re scan me next week I think to rule it out. Blood test on Monday.

    I'm thinking about you and I hope we both pull through this. I'm trying to distract myself as much as possible xxx

  • Wow your clinic sound amazing!!! That's really good how much they are following up with you and blood tests etc. My clinic have been brilliant its just this last nurse that was a bit off but I suppose your right at least il have free blood tests and scan 😝 Every cloud....

    They have told me to only have an itralipid every 4 weeks that's why I don't have another booked until 5th August...I will call them Monday to see if I can have one beforehand if you think that's helped you.

    Oh if they didn't see anything with you I doubt they will with me then it's just the waiting game that is driving me crazy!! I am weeing a lot, my boobs are feeling a lot fuller, pain in my lower back and on and off cramps and I am absolutely shattered so I am hoping it's heading the right way πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    Thinking of you too lovely - keep yourself busy!!! Let me know how you get on Monday xxxx

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