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advice needed! been referred to bourne hall in wickford for IVF

Hiya Ladies

we had our follow up yesterday and partners count is still very low so have been referred to Bourne hall in wickford for IVF,

we was told we will get a call in a few weeks from the to arrange appointment but would like some info on what to expect next if possible...

can someone please advise what im to expect next? has anyone on here had experience with this clinic?

thank you :) xxx

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Hi fayzee94. Discussing named clinics is no permitted on here, but someone might send you a private message. Good to hear that everything seems to be progressing for you. Often a first appointment is with the nurse and involves further blood tests being carried out to check for HIV, Hepatitis, and chlamydia. Probably check out your hormones again including AMH. A further semen analysis ordered if any problems with the last one. A chat about giving yourself injections, plus when these will start. Then there will be some legal paperwork to fill in, which you may have to take away for GP to sign. You might be invited to an open evening to learn all about the process from start to finish, although this is not always offered. An internal scan of your ovaries may be done too to check for any cysts on your ovaries. Arrangements may also be made for you to have a laparoscopy or an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) to check your tubes if required. Can’t think of anything else, but wanted to say good luck with it all, and hope all goes OK. Diane


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