Hi, am new to the group. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 and a half years with no luck. Have had various tests all came back normal. Have got my final rest booked in for a couple of weeks which is dye inserted into my fallopian tubes to check they're fine. After that I'm not sure what's next. My gp said if those come back normal then we'd have to look at assisted pregnancy. Has anyone else had similar experience, I've never been pregnant so think the GPS a bit baffled as all the tests are normal.

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  • Hi I have just had this done although they also found cysts they removed. Following the opp they discovered I had blocked tubes as well. Before I had the internal ultra sound all my tests were coming back ok and clomid just didn't work. I'm waiting to see my consultant following the opp but the consultant should refer us for IVF now. If everything comes back clear from your opp they may either suggest you try naturally for a few months or refer you for IVF (that's what I was told before my opp). Good luck! Xx

  • I was in a similar situation till last year when i checked my tubes and found out they were blocked .we always assumed it was sperm issues.turns out its more coz of blocked tubes coz the sperm issue could be fixed.i was gutted the day i was told i had blocked tubes.i hope your test goes well.good luck

  • Hi Hannah. We've been trying for over 2 years. All of our tests came back normal too, including HSG, and we start our first cycle of IUI as soon as my period arrives today or tomorrow hopefully (well, I hope it doesn't arrive but I've got my pms symptoms so I just want it to come so we can start the process).

    It's an emotional and frustrating journey, isn't it? Xx

  • Sorry I'm new to all this, what's HSG and IUI?? Yeah it's very frustrating and emotional, was a wreck yesterday, crying most of the day leading to a headache all day today and more tears unfortunately xx

  • Sorry Hannah. HSG is the name of the dye test and IUI is the treatment that we are starting, which is basically artificial insemination. It seems that some clinics refer couples with unexplained infertility for IUI before trying ivf as it's less invasive (and cheaper). Have you had an internal scan?

    I really feel for you but you're definitely not alone even though it feels that way sometimes. Xx

  • Not had an internal scan yet, had an ultrasound xx

  • We will have been trying two years come July - same as you - everything normal and no explanation yet!! And in that time, pretty much all of our friends have had babies successfully!!! I hope your dye test gives an answer. You are not alone xx.

  • Have you had an amh test?? As all my tests from GP including the dye test where all clear but after my amh that I had at the clinic it showed I have low egg reserve xx

  • Sorry what's an AMH test?? Xx

  • It's a blood test to determine your egg reserve, never understand why GP's don't do this and it's only when you get to the clinic they test for this xx

  • I've had 2 lots of bloods tests taken already, once at the start of my cycle and once at day 21 not sure what they were for though! Xx

  • Hi Hannah, with me the same thing, I've never been pregnant not even a positive test. Now my husband and I we are starting the IVF process today we have a appointment with the doctor and nurse after a long wait... Good luck Hannah we will be here always

  • Hi Hannah, same here. We've been trying for almost 2 years, never a positive. I have found I had endometriosis after almost 1 year of trying and had a cyst removed in March. We are considering IVF and had an appointment booked for September. Hope everything will turn out alright for you. Sending positive vibes to everyone TTC.

  • Thank you for all the kind comments. I had a very bad day emotionally yesterday spent nearly the full day crying which has lead to exhaustion and a headache and more tears today 😒 I'm not up with the lingo yet so sorry if I don't get the shortened versions! Xx

  • Hey I was in this situation and lost hope after 3 years pretty much normal tests but finance low count but also normal on re test. I decided to try clomid even tho I was apparently ovulating. Second round and I'm pregnant with twins 😱😱 so the clomid definitely worked for me. Best of luck I've got everything crossed for you xxx

  • Aww congratulations πŸ˜€ well twins already run in my family as my dad's a twin! Thank you xx

  • I start clomid (I ovulate too) alongside the IUI so this gives me hope! Double congrats to you! X

  • I think it will work for you!! Expect twins tho πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά xxx

  • We're secretly hoping for twins! Haha! X

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