Is it normal to still be having aching & discomfort over a week post EC?

Hi ladies I'm not googling this because I promised myself I would stay away from it during this 2ww (and have so far!) so thought I'd ask you guys..I'm still having aching/throbbing & discomfort mainly on my right side where the majority of my eggs were retrieved, this in itself feels strange because I have endometriosis on my left side & that's the side I usually suffer! Is this normal 8 days post collection? I know our bodies go through such a lot and everything will probably be settling down but has anyone else had this and it was normal/nothing concerning? It's also radiating down my leg. It had eased off a bit over weekend as I was ok for my transfer.

I will probably ring my clinic in the morning, just wanted to ask those who have been through it this evening.

Thanks ladies xx

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  • I had that!! On my right side which funnily enough was the side they poked and prodded the most due to 'access difficulties' πŸ˜‚

    I had sharp twinges two nights in a row on my right pelvis (incl overnight), and after the 2nd episode ended up with sciatic nerve type pain shooting down the front of my right thigh.

    I phoned clinic and they pleaded ignorance- told me to go to local walk in centre as was unrelated to any procedure. I didn't go to walk in centre as didn't want any more prodding but the pain left my leg after a couple of days. This was about last Thurs/Fri so about 8dpo for me too. x

  • Ah really..has it gone now WeeMrsH? I can't believe your clinic wouldn't link it to your treatment, how could it not be?! Let's hope it's actually good news for us both πŸ™πŸ» Xx

  • Yup the pain in leg only lasted 2 days. I've still been having tummy cramps daily and some really sharp ones today. But they aren't focussed on right side any more.

    That's so weird that you have had the same leg pain- there must be something in it surely. here's hoping. πŸ’«

  • Try not to worry, I have seen Diane (the nurse) say your ovaries are probably still active from all you have been through, get lots of rest and stay hydrated and it should settle down. Defo ring your clinic if in doubt though xx

  • Thanks button, the pain is less this morning and I haven't got any symptoms of ohss like thirst or reduced urinating so it's probably just everything settling down. I've just woke up with a headache & had an upset stomach yesterday & this morning but that's probably just the progesterone xx

  • Hi Georgina78. Do keep up with the extra water for a few days, as it will help with the headache too, and hopefully all should soon be well. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I'm drinking lots & my headache has you know if it's safe to take Imodium during the 2ww as my stomach is giving me real trouble! x

  • Hi Georgina78. That is really for watery diarrhoea. just be careful you don't get constipated. I would only take one caosule if necessary. If you do, then try "Fybogel" to drink. Your bloated tummy should settle down on its own. If you're really stuck, then pop and see your GP. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, unfortunately it is very watery! I'm worried about dehydration although I am drinking a lot. I rang my clinic and a nurse advised to ask the pharmacy if it's safe but the pharmacy said ask your clinic! 😩 So I'm none the wiser, just don't want to be housebound because I keep running to the loo πŸ™ˆ Xx

  • Hi Georgina78. Just take one Imodium and see if that slows it down . Wait until you've done two more poos before taking another one, if you need to, then just stick to drinking water. If you need to take the second dose, that should sort you out. Keep an eye on your urine output too, and if that lessens a lot, you need to be seen by a doctor. If all is well and you have a positive result, it won't harm your little embryo, but try not to get constipated. Fingers crossed all soon settles for you. Diane

  • Thanks so much Diane, I really appreciate it xx

  • PM me if you want, as I look at the site when at home. Only here Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Hopefully, just the one will do the trick pretty well instantly. Diane

  • Thank you xx

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