Is it normal symptoms to disappeared?

Hi ladies, I am currently 7weeks and 5 days pregnant and I was wondering did any of you had a period where the pregnancy symptoms suddenly decreased or disappeared. I didn't have much symptoms expect sore nipples and ocassional mild nausea which suddenly stopped in the past 3 days which make me realy worry. I got my 8 week scan for next Friday but it look soo far ans and the tension can drive me crazy. Just want some reassurance that is normal.

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  • Hi babylonia. I know it’s easy for me to say, but please try not to worry too much about this. During my midwifery training, we were taught that morning sickness – if it happens – usually starts at around 7/40wks of pregnancy. The soreness and mild nausea you have been feeling, could all just be down to your own progesterone taking over. Not too long to wait for your scan, when you should see your little heartbeat and get to know how far you really are with your pregnancy. A week’s a long way away when you are counting every minute, so try and keep occupied. I will be thinking of you next week. Diane

  • I can't offer advice as I only got to 6 weeks as you know - but just to send you a hug and hope you are doing ok. As diane said try not to worry - we all analyse every little feeling on our journeys, but you just have to be strong until your scan - I am SURE it will all be ok though XX

  • Thank you ladies for you support and advice. I try my best to keep positive, i was planning to cal my clinic but to be honest i have already call so many times even after they discharge me, and the 8 weeks scan was offered just to make me reassured and calm because i told them that there is no way i can wait till week 12 for another scan, so they have done quite enough and cant ask for more so i will wait patiently till next Friday.

  • Hi I'm now 12 weeks pregnant with twins after IVF and I have little to no symptoms anymore and I totally freaked out especially as it's twins I thought it should be double! However Twinies are totally fine and growing nicely so I must just be lucky. Don't worry as everyone is different. Let us know hoe ur scan goes xxx

  • Hi Sarah thank you for your reply and congratulation on your successful pregnancy with twins that is really fantastic. I know some women does not experience symptoms and I am trying to keep calm and relax about it but it seems well to normal like not feeling pregnant. I had my 6 weeks scan and we saw a heartbeat which was amazing so cant wait for our next one I hope everything is oki I will keep updating. Wish you happy and healthy pregnancy xxx

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