2WW & feeling a bit miserable

Totally failing at the positive thinking here ladies! I'm normally such an upbeat bunny but I think the combination of a million drugs and the thought that we might be back to square one in a couple of weeks is getting me down a bit.

On the plus side we had 2 x hatching blastocysts transferred on Saturday and we have a few frosties tucked away as well. Embryos were 6B+/B+ and 6B+/B- so pretty good (very similar to the marks I used to get at school ha ha!).

Sorry for the moan; I know I'm lucky in lots of ways. Hope you other 2WW ladies are doing better than me - any tips for positive thinking would be much appreciated.


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  • It's a whirlwind of panic and emotion. Laughter and excitement. Nightmare and worry. Have you planned your two weeks out? Things to do etc? x

  • Yes thanks Emu - I've got at least one thing planned for each day. God give me strength! Xxx

  • Thinking of you....hang in there!! My turn in two week's time and I am chronically impatient so I am in for a bumpy ride ;)

  • Thanks Cat 😊 Masses of luck with yours xxx

  • Great news on your hatchers and Frosties. I too am feeling down I'm on day 9p3dt and just terrified of it not working again plus the combo of drugs not helping either and I've tummy ache all day it sure is a long hard process. Best of luck to you xx

  • Poor you, hope your tummy is feeling better by now. Masses of luck for your cycle - I think we all deserve a bloody medal to be honest πŸ’ͺπŸ…πŸ’ͺ xxx

  • Keeping busy is the only thing I think xx

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