Hey ladies how do u know if u are developing ohss ? I have felt rotten for 2 days now and have produced allot of eggs as u can see from my other post I have moaned quite allot about being rough...but now all of a sudden I have serious diarreah like never have i had it like this b4 sick feeling isn't going away and the abdomen pain do these sound like I'm developing it or isit just a reaction to the meds ? Any ideas ladies ? X

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  • I only had it mild, but didn't even know I had it...only found out from blood tests.

    It's not worth taking the risk, so if you have an out of hours number I'd give them a call...

    Make sure you drink lots of water x

  • Defo phone your clinic and seek medical advice xx

  • Ok thanks ladies I'll give them a ring even though I seen my clinic today I told the nurse I had bad abdomen pain and felt really sick she basically told me because I have allot of eggs that's y I feel uncomfortable that it was just the meds but bout 5 o'clock today come the diarreah I've been drinking lots today she also told.me to do that I don't Think I even have an out of hours number 🙈 I don't seem to be given allot of info I've just realised 😐...ill be sure to ring them tomorrow tho xx

  • Have you been passing urine to what you have been drinking?

    Any breathing problems?

    Maybe try calling the clinic normal number as they might have a recorded message which might provide it.

    You could always call NHS direct to check.

  • I have been.passing urine maybe not as much as i been drinking and drinking water and milk that's what the nurse told me to drink. my breathing seems ok I haven't really moved much last 2 days to notice 🙈 if things get worse I'll ring them tomorrow morning just to put my mind at rest x

  • Going by all what I have been advised regarding ohss its sounds like you may be suffering from it.

    I would definatley give your hospital a call & advise them of all symptoms - you may need a check up.

    Try and drink lots of water and rest 😊

    Hope you feel better soon xox

  • What happened today?

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