Day 4

Mornin ladies day 4 of the 2ww already feels like a life time πŸ™ˆ...i woke up this morning with some pains at the bottom of my stomach not like a period pain granted I needed a wee put this was a different pain does this mean something is wrong ? They say it sticking but I been getting a few pains hear and there anyone else have allot of pain and have a bfp or my heading for a bfn? My boobs are starting to hurt but I had that on a normal period...ita a awful feeling not knowing and want to know I'm sure most of u ladies have felt this whata the earlies anyone done a test ? Thanks for reading ladies and all the best with whatever journey and stage u are on xx

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  • Dear Tara,

    I've read that pains are normal. As you say it could be sticking. I also read that the ovaries need to fill up with fluid again, which is normal and could cause pain.

    We're at similar stages. I'm on day three and already considering doing an early test. I read somewhere that if you get a positive test early on but it doesn't make it to actual test date, at least you know that an embryo can stick in you and it was probably not a good enough embryo. I'm not sure what the downside of testing early is.

  • Thanks for the reply have u had any pains yet ? It's such a what seems a long wait I think if we was to test now It could be a chemical positive and then later on u could find out it's negative I'm sure I have read that ? It's a strange feeling not knowing wanting to know and what it body is trying to do xx

  • I am also on the 2ww (5th time) just try and take each day as it comes, your body has been through alot so cramps, tingles etc are all quite normal. I am holding out for OTD this time xxx

  • I'm not really having cramps. Yesterday it worried me that I wasn't feeling anything but then I did feel a couple of sensations. I wouldn't worry about them if they are just minor cramps.

  • My FET was wed-on Thursday I had a few sensations but nothing obvious -I could've even imagined them I guess but then last 2 days nothing. All the meds can create a lot of symptoms so u can't really 2nd guess anything xxx

  • Yeh I suppose all the meds and a mixture of things could be happening now I just have to be patient I suppose and wait till the 2 weeks are up 😊 x

  • It is defo the worst part and does send you loopy but you got this xx

  • I sure do feel loopy lol I'm so impatient...and thank u 😊 xx

  • Hello!! Twinges and aches and pains are all normal, plus you're noticing everything as we are hyper sensitive on the mad 2ww!!! I wouldn't do a test as it could be the trigger shot in your system, or it could be a false negative and you'll just wonder!! Good luck and I hope time flies for you, the 2ww is horrific!!! Xxx

  • Yeh I thought they were normal it's horrible the not knowing 😐 2ww will feel like the 100ww lol xx

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