Emotional wreck!

So today I came home from work. Conversations with my husband last night about whether we will or not try IVF left me feeling so emotional. He's happy to do whatever I want but I feel a lot of pressure now and I'm the worst patient in the world petrified of needles I don't know what to do. It's been a year since we finished our clomid course so this is the next step or we just admit defeat :-( struggling with anger and jealousy of others that just seem to be popping babies out no problem. I feel like no one understands and it's not acceptable to be upset at work without explaining what's wrong and hiw to tell male colleagues!? This is hard!πŸ˜¦πŸ’”Love to you all xx

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  • I know where you're coming from because my hubby has said exactly the same. Although that's amazingly supportive of him it makes it a whole lot harder because the decision seems to be all ours! However, don't rush into anything and I found that having little, frequent conversations about the issue seemed to get more out of him than one big full on session. Try to look on the bright side....he will be supportive either way you're journey goes x

  • Thank you StuLisa I've not even been able to think about it I've sorted of blocked it from my mind because I don't want to deal with it. Xx

  • My biggest advice would be to have no regrets. You really do get used to the needles and it becomes "normal" there is so much support out there don't give up without a fight - stay strong! And remember to keep talking x

  • Thank you.πŸ˜™ it's been hard for me just to start talking about doing the IVF treatment today. My husband booked the afternoon off work when he found out I had come home crying this morning - what a star! πŸ’– We now plan to do the next step which would be to both submit our relevant samples before we can start the assisted fertility ref feral. 1 step at a time"takes a deep breath" x

  • The whole thing is so daunting but if you, as you say just focus on 1 step at a time it's ok. The worst part is deffo the 2ww. the rest of it is just a process to get through really. After a great deal of time feeling daunted by it I can honestly say it's not too bad. You just have to keep the prize in mind and I have always thought I want to get to 80 knowing I have done everything I possibly could, even if it doesn't work out xxx

  • Thanks Laura forgive my ignorance but what's 2ww? Xxx

  • Sorry the two week wait when you're waiting to see if your embryo implants xxx

  • I felt exactly the same. I put it off for a few months but the overwhelming feeling of doing nothing was too much.

    I have to say the whole process has been nothing like I imagined. I had heard so many stories of how awful the whole thing is and yes it is hard, emotional and scary but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

    I'm also the biggest wuss so was absolutely terrified of every aspect but when I want something I just force myself to do things. Hubby also did my injections as I couldn't face that.

    By the end of my cycle I was so proud of myself and what I had achieved.

    Good luck with whatever you decide xxx

  • In terms of injections, yes you do get used to them, but also you may be able to request a nasal spray instead of injections for some of the drugs, which can reduce the number of injections you have to do. One step at a time... remember, even if you start the process you can pull out at any time xx

  • Nasal spray sounds SO much more bareable! I can totally handle that πŸ˜€The less injectons I need the better. Thank you. Xx

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