I thought I was OK, but... Emotional Wreck Alert!

Hi All,

I suffered a chemical pregnancy 2 weeks ago. We were both obviously devastated to have been so close only to lose it, but we have accepted it and are ready to move on when we get our follow-up appointment in 8-10 weeks. I came back to work last week and was starting to get back into the swing of things. Or so I thought... Today I am an emotional wreck! I can barely keep my eyes open and I keep crying for no apparent reason. I did have a bit of a difficult weekend at various events where there seemed to be an exceptional amount of pregnant women or couples with small babies, but I held it together and was fine. But, as I say, today I am just a mess! I thought, or hoped, that I would start to feel/be less emotional as time went on, but it seems to be getting worse. Is this normal?

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  • Hi I feel for you as the exact same happened to me, I felt ok then hit a real low and felt tired, ill etc. I started taking that liquid iron medicine people on here recommended and it seems to have perked me up. I think its all the changes in hormones and the stress of it all taking its toil. I have only just this weekend started to feel like myself again. Just be gentle on yourself you have been through a lot in such a short space of time xxx

  • Thanks Button, I remember you writing on here about that actually. You think you're OK and then it comes back and bites you on the bum with a vengeance doesn't it? I'm just finding it so hard to concentrate on anything and it's difficult with work because I've told them I'm fine now and OK to be back at work and we've put all these strategies in place to get me back up to date with everything I've missed, and now I can't focus and keep to the deadlines that have already been extended for me. What is the iron medicine you've been taking? Can you get it from a supermarket pharmacy? I may pop out at lunch and get some. Xx

  • It is horrible and I really feel for you as I was so low and fed up, just to hopefully make you feel better I am much better now and getting my fight back. It's called floridx or something like that and yes supermarket pharmacies sell it. I found it helpful to plan something to look forward to and be honest with people, I always put a fake smile on when I am not ok,but after this I actually broke and told my mum and hubby how I really feel which helped xxx

  • Hi,

    Yes this is complete normal, we have had 4 tries and soon to be starting our 5th cycle and because it's always been on our mind even when we think it isn't it still is and when you want something so bad it's everywhere X HOPE helps me that one day when it does work for us all the baby or babies you have then will be because that was your/our time and if we hadn't gone through all this that little one wouldn't be here. I read a story about a lady that on her 7th go it worked obviously she didn't want to go through that but if she didn't continue she wouldn't have the joy of her children she has now.

    Keep going and remember your allowed these days and Hope helps me through I hope it can help you too xx

  • Hi Monk - I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad day :( I think you're doing so incredibly well to be back at work already, especially in such a challenging role. If you need more time though you should take it. In the grand scheme of things your work isn't as important as your emotional health and you need to be taking extra good care of yourself right now. I hope you are feeling better soon and tomorrow is a brighter day.

    Lots of love x x x

  • I think sometimes the emotional impact of a chemical pregnancy hits you later and usually when you least expect it. In my case several months later as I didn't realise at the time what had happened (natural conception). Sometimes work can be a good distraction but if you continue to struggle you might need a bit more time off work to recover and your GP could write a sick note for you. You mention you'd held it together over the weekend with lots of pregnant ladies & babies around and that will have had an impact too. Plus it was Father's day, another reminder of our inability to reproduce! 2 weeks ago is very recent. Be kind to yourself. What would you tell your best friend if they'd been through treatment and then the loss of a chemical pregnancy?

  • Oh sweet girl you are dealing with alot. Your body is readjusting hormonally and physically. You are grieving and coping with social pressures and work. Don't be ha rd on yourself this is all understandable and normal. Try and get lots of rest and surround yourself with good people. ..or go reclusive for a while. Just listen to your heart and body 😊 big hugs.

  • Thank you so much everyone. It's amazing how I felt like a complete and utter nutter earlier when I just couldn't stop crying amongst people who I thought must think I was completely crazy, but reading all your replies I realise that I'm actually sane and that this will pass! Don't know what I would do without you girls, you're all amazing! Thanks so much! Xxx

  • It will take time and we all put our brave faces on, but then it hits us, sometimes when we least expect it.

    I went back to work quite quickly after the MC's which in some ways was good as I had to focus on something else and it was like I was living a second life..only selected people knew and they were very supportive.

    Just take time when you need to...you are only human X

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