Just a quick question guys! I started stimming on Friday, I take 225 of menupor and I have a scan booked for this Friday. I just wanted to know did you ladies have to wait a week to have your first scan? I'm just concerned that I'm on a low dosage and that if I'm not responding it may be too late? I have a scan booked for this Friday, next Monday and next Wednesday. I am trying not to compare to my last cycle where I was on 450 of bemfola. Thanks in advance xx

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  • Hi NDE, in my first cycle I remembered that I also took Menopur 225 and had to wait for the first scan for 8 days...Iin the second cycle too I had to wait about a week...I didn't get much side effects expect thirst. So I thought it didn't work well but believe in medicine that it s working. Good luck for you.

  • Thank you so much hun, I don't know why I can't remmeber from my last cycle on how long I waited until my first scan! I haven't got any effects either yet apart from hot flushes lol. Hope your pregnancy is going well :) xx

  • Same with me I was on 150 to begin with scan at 7 days and then they upped me to 225 for around 2/3 days and come egg collection there were 15 eggs collected, my second round I started on 225 and I had 25 eggs collected again with a scan at 7 days after starting xx

  • Thank you ladies, you have put my mind at ease, it's so funny how I can forget stuff from my first cycle!! Have a lovely Monday and a good week xx

  • HiNDE1987. Usually around 7 days. the dose you have been prescribed is usually worked out around your own hormone levels. It's a pretty standard dose, so hopefully you will respond OK. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane xx

  • Hi I am on menupor also and started of on 225 I had my scan a week later and they upped my dose to 300 iam producing follicles quite a few but they are not quite the size they need to be yet so they went up to 300 i had a scan today and still not quite where i should be but another 2 days and It should have sorted it's self...dont panic to much they know what their doing (this is what I'm telling myself anyway ) i don't think they will do anything until it fully ready 😊 keep positive thinking im sure the drugs will do it's job 😊 xx

  • Hi Tara123, thank you for your reply. I guess I just need to wait for the next scan! I think because I was on 450 bemfola on my last cycle, 225 seemed low. But I guess it's a new cycle and medication so the clinic know what there doing! Hope this works out for you. Good luck x

  • I was just looking back my last cycle and I was 8 days until my first scan so Im sure you'll be fine for the 7 days and if they have to make adjustments then they will!xx

  • Thank you Cinderella :) hope your well. Xxd

  • All good here thanks! Started down regulation on Saturday past, so back to it! All the best!xx

  • Aww it's been 6 months since my last cycle so hoping we actually get soemwhere with this one! Don't want another little embryo wasted :( but it's out of my hands. Best of luck to u xx

  • Hun my nurse said when u stimming, they ll do a blood test on 5 th day to check weather the amount of medication right or not

  • Thanks hun, I have another scan this Friday to see how I am responding and will have a blood test aswell x

  • Hi NDE my clinic do their scans on day 8 of stims so I guess that's normal standard practice. They then do them every 2 days after that till you're ready. Don't forget a lot can change in 2 days so if it needs to be increased it could be affective in a short time, lots of luck for this cycle Hun xx

  • Thanks for your reply hun, I don't know why I forgot lol. Iv been through it before! Thanks xx

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