I feel awful !

So I been on stimulant menopur and my god I feel rough today I have some serious abdominal pain and I feel soooo sick it's shocking..couldnt way my dinner Sunday dinner which i love πŸ˜” have a scan tomorrow so I hope the drugs have got me to where do need to be cause this is just draining me and making me feel dreadful isit just me being over sensitive to it all or is anyone else feeling as rough as me I find since I been on 300 the bloated and awful feeling is worse I really hope all this is worth it and the outcome is what i want safe to say I'm having a crap day !

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  • I was always on 450 menopur due to low amh, at first I always felt fine but towards the end I felt drained and bloated. Hang in there almost there now xxx

  • All I seem to have done is complain this whole process lol I was ok few niggly things and tears but today has to be the worst I felt can get rid of the sick feeling and a dull ache at bottom of my stomach to the point when I sit down it hurts like u said tho almost there 😊 xx

  • I am totally with you...I was on 450 of Menopur last time and felt ok until the last couple of injections. This time I am on 375 Gonal F and have been stimming for about a week and I feel like shite!! Tired, bloated and achey 😭😭 from tomorrow I am adding Menopur too...😭

    Only a few more days to go and fingers crossed it will all be worth it xx

  • Aw I am so glad it isn't just me who feels like total crap I been on 225 up until 3 days ago and since then I feel like I do now πŸ˜”...i hope that u don't feel any worse than u do now and it's a smooth ride when u add menopour fingers crossed for u to and it's all worth it xx

  • Thanks!!

    The worst bit is that it means 3 injections each evening!! My favourite thing!

  • I felt terrible too. Headaches were unbearable. I couldn't get out of bed on two days. I felt like I had terrible flu. I also gained a ridiculous amount of weight and looked about 5 months pregnant which was decidedly unfair as I ended up with a bfn. I hope you're symptoms don't last too long. x

  • Gosh u sound like u had a rough time aswel I read the symptoms of the meds earlier and it sounds like u had most of them πŸ™ˆI'm not sure what a bfn is sorry I don't know the lingo yet xx

  • No worries. πŸ˜€ It means big fat negative. Yeah I kind of assumed everyone would get them. I'm psyching myself up for round two now! Start down regging on 26th. I'm more concerned about the side effects and becoming bat shit crazy again. πŸ˜‚ x

  • Awww im sorry to hear that I got everything crossed for ur next go 😊 haha bat shit crazy that's a new one πŸ˜‚ I literally was a crying mess for the 1st week now I'm just a moaning mess lol what us ladies go through is bonkers it's deffo a man's world 😐 xx

  • Absolutely! Although I do think they get it in the neck a bit and feel rather helpless during this time. Thanks Hun. We'll see. I'm trying to not think too much about it. I know that once I'm in the process that I won't be able to think about much else but I don't want to put all my hopes on it. I've started to look at private clinics in the area just in case it doesn't work out so I've got an idea of next steps. Also, I've got to write all of my children's reports during the process which will take my mind off of it hopefully. When is your egg collection? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. x

  • Yes very true they do have to put up with allot fair play....apparently the second go is the best to catch so I'm sure u will have luck the next try hun...not sure when egg collection is yet I have a scan half 8 tomorrow morning so hopefully my eggs are 18mm then I should have the egg collection soon after I'm hoping this week x

  • I also work 2 jobs so that's been keeping me busy lol..i think work helps x

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for your scan tomorrow then. Hopefully your lining will be looking lovely and thick and your follicles will be numerous! Yes. I definitely benefited from work. I work with children so that is all consuming and when I am there, I can't really think about anything else. I find that helpful although a tad emotional at times. Let me know how your scan goes tomorrow. Vic x

  • Thanks hun ok let u know xx

  • I was always on Menopur 450. Eating small amounts regularly instead of a great big meal, drink loads of water, take paracetamol if you need it. I was terribly swollen and looked pregnant by the end. I also felt sore like a pin cushion that had been stabbed all over. The swelling, bloating and feeling sick will eventually pass. Hang on in there. Try and stay off pasta and bread. xx

  • Thanks for the advice 😊 I also look pregnant 2 which isn't a nice feeling knowing that I ain't..i will hang in there tho 😊 xx

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