Well a year ago I was starting to feel really nervous.. I had about 4/5 weeks left till my twins were arriving.. they are going to be one next month!! Fastest year of my life..!! Anyway, after 6 years of trying and eventually working on our 3rd attempt I had them two little lines!! Last Wednesday I discovered I was a week late.. so I did a test thinking I had my dates wrong only to discover i was pregnant again!! I booked an early scan and seen my flickering bean with a heartbeat!! I could not believe it.. I was told it was going to be so hard to fall naturally but I'm here.. I'm pregnant.. 8 weeks!!

I just wanted to let all you girls know that it does happen.. you all deserve to be mummys.. lots of hugs and never give up hope 💜💜

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  • Congratulations!! Blimey you really will have your hands full 😂 Stories like this give me hope.

    I'm starting to believe this isn't all for me now and trying to move on as my life is constantly on hold. But then secretly hoping it'll just happen anyway if I stop trying. Just can't wait a position to share my success story. xx

  • Congratulations lovely to hear positive news x

  • WOW!!!! Wonderful news! How exciting! Congratulations xx

  • Good to hear a good news story! Best of luck with the pregnancy ❤️

  • Congratulations that's amazing news xxxx all the best to you

  • Aww that's amazing congratulations 🎊 xxxx

  • Aww that's amazing congratulations 🎊 xxxx

  • Congratulations on your twins & amazing news on the pregnancy! Good luck with everything xxx

  • Incredible, congratulations!! xoxo

  • Wow amazing story congratulations on ur twins and ur pregnancy. Ive got a 1 year old son from my first cycle and currently doing another cycle egg collection tmrw nervous!! Xx

  • Wonderful news xxx

  • So nice to read your story cx

  • Congratulations! What amazing news 🎉❤️ Xx

  • Wow congratulations!! You're gonna have your hands full for sure! All the best xx

  • What a lovely lovely post. Many congratulations


  • Wow that is amazing!! Such wonderful news for you, and my you are going to have your hands full lol, but how lovely to extend your family. Xxx

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