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First Consultation

Good Morning All,

I hope you are all well.

This is my first post in this group as we have recently started the process for IVF. We have our first consultation on 22nd May, however today I have received the pack in the post and it is quite daunting - all the questions and statements.

My BMI is 39 (I am trying to lose weight), however it states that it won't treat anyone with a BMI higher than 35. My question is....should I cancel the appointment and get my weight down first or can I still begin the process whilst losing the weight?

I know we have problems already as I have endometriosis and polycystic ovarian disease.

I never got the opportunity to properly speak to anyone at the clinic, I just booked a consultation and the pack arrived in the post - with hundreds of bits of paper!

Any advice on what to expect or to prepare for, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Ellie x

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Hi Ellie and welcome!

Firstly, totally agree re the crazy pack you get sent. I found it really daunting too. But once you get at it (enjoy that glass of wine while you can!) it soon gets done. My hubby had to sit me down and make me answer his questions and he filled it in! (I hate admin!)

Re whether to book/cancel the appointment.. personally, I would say keep it booked. The initial appointment is discussing everything, seeing what investigations you have had already, and planning some more if you need them. You are then all set to go once you have lost the weight. (For example, this last time, I needed more blood tests.. which discovered my vit D was too low, and my TSH (to do with thyroid) too high and I have taken pills for a few months and these are now good. I also had a special sort of ultrasound scan (hycosys) which suggested there may be problems with my womb lining... and then had a hysteroscopy to have a closer look.. So all this sort of thing can take time IF you need it, before the actual ivf cycle! Although many folks need minimal doing, hope that's you.

Also, think about seeing your GP if you need help with the weight; there are often free vouchers for slimming world/similar or special programmes, or you could discuss certain medications to help, eg Orlistat or Metformin (metformin can help folks with PCOS)

Big welcome and big good wishes!


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