Scan today & another tomorrow


Following on from wed scan I have around 3 follicles grown from 11 to 16 so near enough where they need to be and a lot hoovering around the 12-13 mark which they think will grow over the next few days- back tomorrow for another scan check and hopefully I will get my plan of EC too for next week!! Come on follicles grow grow grow!!! X

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  • I've got my scan Tuesday I hope mine are growing nicely. Good luck for your scan tomorrow xxx

  • Good luck for TUESDAY! Cause I've had no symptoms/side effects I did wonder what was happening but 5/6mm growth in 3 days so Im sure yours will be great 😊 x

  • I didn't have any symptoms last time either, mine didn't grow last time so changed protocols and just praying this time it's worked xxx

  • My follicles were growing normally but stopped last week for a few days.. panic alarm! So what I found out to help follicles grow was to keep your tummy warm (hw bottle, heat pads etc., light exercise like walking to keep the blood flow going, lots of water, up your protein intake and drink lots of milk. No sweeteners etc. My follicles nearly doubled in two days! I also read that a glass of pineapple juice might help but I didn't try that one. Just thought I'd tell you if you do need to give them a little nudge.

    I have my EC on Monday and I'm petrified! Good luck to you all and fingers crossed it all goes well.. this is my last round for now as I've lost my job and have spent nearly all my savings on IVF (2 cycles last year with donor sperm, 1 MC at 10wks). I can't see myself qualifying for NHS as I've been private before so let's hope for the best and all stick together! I've even looked at fundraising sites but cannot bear to beg money from people I know and strangers tend to donate to cancer patients, terminally ill or some business start-ups.. so humiliating. It's my only and one dream to be called "mummy" one day.. I really appreciate all the women here wanting to have siblings but please bear a moment for us who don't have a single child and in my case, not even a partner. I've given up everything to become a parent. So whatever stage in your journey you are - let's hope for the best and increase the number of babies born in the UK in 2017 ❀❀

  • Thank you! Yep I've been on the milk and the hot water bottle so Im hoping to see an improvement today although not sure lots can have happen overnight ha ha Awww the journey is so tough but I hope you are keeping positive that this time it will work for you and you'll get that family you deserve! It annoys me sometimes that certain people have no problem getting pregnant and having Babies then don't look after properly etc when people like us are wanting to be mummies! I'll keep everything crossed for you x

  • Good luck Laura, well done follies, keep up the good work! Xx

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