Egg collection on friday

Hi all

I've just taking my final injection my trigger shot! Booked in for egg collection at 9am Friday morning. Today they measured 16 good sized follicles 20mm being my biggest. My lining in 15mm thick and praying to god we get to embryo transfer this time. Last time I had 30 eggs and none fertilised this time their doin icsi. I'm so scared and nervous but excited at same time xxx

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  • Good livk

  • Great news all sounds well keep me updated 😁 will give u messaged Friday everything crossed for u xxxx

  • Hello, you are exactly a week behind me Hun. Wishing you the best of luck. 16 follies is great! Xx

  • Good luck :-) let us know how you get on xxxx

  • Good luck your in my thoughts and prayers .... I get the call this morning to tell me if any have fertilised . God willing at least one will . Please let us know how you get in xxx

  • Thanku everyone x nessieval hope ur call is good news x everything crossed for u x mrsdx how are u feeling only a few days till u test isn't it x I woke up this morn thinking it was Friday and today was the day lol x it's not xxxxx

  • Good luck I will be thinking of you, how exciting x x x

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