So excited then so terrified for tomorrow!

Test day tomorrow. Feels like a lifetime ago that I had the transfer. One minute I'm confident and positive this has worked, and can imagine planning my birth etc with the specialist, the next I'm petrified and can't imagine how I'll get through the rest of this year without our hope if tomorrow is a no. Don't even know if to test tomorrow morning, or if that will just make going to the hospital a worse experience if I get a negative test. On the flip side, if I get a negative test them waiting all day for the phone call with the results and being told it's negative won't be a shock? And if it's positive in the morning I might actually enjoy a day!

Oh I just don't know 😒

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  • Just wanted to say good luck hope you get your positive xx

  • Fingers crossed for you both ❀️

  • All the best Hun xx

  • Thinking of you, it's a big day for you and your hubby. I opted for the pee test straight away and figured I'd rather know ASAP. I have everything crossed for you, good luck and let us know how you get on. Big hugs 😘 Xx

  • That's my initial thought hannah, then it suddenly dawned on me, what if it's a no and I'll still have to go to the hospital 😯. Oh I just don't know Hannah, this is so so much worse than last time because there's no "well we can try again soon" if it's a no. And first time round I didn't know how attached I'd already ad to our little embie. I tried to deny it I guess, but the moment they hand that picture of your embie to you on transfer day, well that me hooked. Guess I didn't realise that til later in my pregnancy with Annabelle. I got the same feeling this time too holding that picture, but I hadn't thought of it til they handed it over, like I'd forgotten. But holding that feeling of total love hit me like a brick the second I held that photo. My other half is convinced our little bean is all ok in there. The suspense of having to tell him too is agonising!

  • Thinking of you guys today xxx

  • Thank you. Just about t leave for the blood test as the hospital is about an hour away. Wish I'd got a bloody test now, the suspense is killing us!

  • Will be thinking of you tommorow. Really hope you get the bfb you want. But if you don't, you will be ok. I'm not just saying that to try and make you feel better. Lots and lots of love. Xxx

  • That's what's so scary piglet. Last time I thought I'd be sad, but ok, because I'd be able to try again once I felt ready to do so. That's not the case now. The last decade has kinda exhausted me and hope has been keeping me going, even more so after Annabelle died. Living without the hope of trying again, that will be really tough to handle for me let alone my partner 😒


  • I know how you feel. When we lost our baby at 7 weeks we were devastated. And then had one more go. That was it. When that didn't work we were gutted beyond anything we had felt before. I two felt emotionally and physically drained. I had had enough. But was struggling with the fact that we may never have children. But it does get easier very slowly. Also you have been pregnant before so any chance you can do it naturally. Never say never. Let me know know in your own time what the outcome is. Really am thinking of you. Xx

  • All 3 natural pregnancies in the last 16yrs have ended as very early miscarriage, most likely due to the antibody issue for my partner as they can't seem to find anything wrong with me. We've been actively trying for a decade all the while being tested focused on me, but finally the correct diagnosis was given, other half's last test was 100% sperm antibodies found, so safe to say the chance of conceiving without icsi is pretty much none at this point. It's crippling. All of our savings have gone on time off for grief and medical testing/ops after Annabelle died and then this last round of icsi.


  • I'm sorry so sorry. How awful. What a journey you have both been on. But well done for staying together and as strong as you have. really don't know what to say. But my heart goes out to you both. Xx

  • Xxxxx

  • Best of luck parentsofangels! hope you get great news tomorrow!! x

  • Oooooh excited for you, loads of luck and baby dust

  • Thank you Xxxxx

  • Good luck for tomorrow hun, really hope it's good news. Xx

  • Great ! So excited for you. . . Toes and fingers crossed for you Hun xx

  • Thinking of you today xx

  • Lots of love for tomorrow xx

  • What a tough and agonising journey you have had & I bet a stronger person. Wishing you all the luck in the world for tomorrow Xx

  • Wishing you a BFP with all my heart. I'm looking forward to hearing your good news!!!...I'm in a very similar situation & have a very similar history to you. My test day is the day after you. I hope to be able to chat with you about our pregnancie over the next ten months, X

  • I truly hope so for both of us molly2016 Xxxxx

  • Hi. I'm with you too! Diane

  • Best wishes for tomorrow xxxx

  • Hi, dear you! Everything is gonna be ok, I'm sure. Do not let those things bother and get on you. You shouldn't think about negative result at all. This is just the step of the whole journey. Everyone has to go through it anyway. The best thing here is to have something or somebody to distract you from thinking. Spend time walking with your partner but not talking about the stressful things. You just lean on him, be sure this will do - you're not alone..

    Wish you all the best with your test x

  • Thinking of you today.... best of luck, you so deserve a BFP xx

  • Fingers and toes crossed. Good luck xx

  • Everything crossed

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