Am I pregnant?

2 days ago this question was the most important for me. Well I had my HCG blood test done, but am I pregnant? NO! Not even a slightest chance that it's a mistake. These two days were a real trial and we fought against depression. It was wrong to expect positive outcome at once. Of course, it doesn't affect my further plans but it's a big disappointment anyway. It's sad

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  • Aww Marsenan I am so sorry to hear that this time had not been successful for you.

    I can imagine your disappointment.

    You have some frosties tho and I hope these being you better luck.

    Be kind to yourself this weekend and re group.


  • Oh Marsenan. What sad times. Take time for hugs and love. It's a hard journey xx

  • Hi, don't lose a hope marsenan . i hope you don't let yourself be broken and depressed for too long. because it's time to start thinking about new try. as i remember you have an opportunity to use your next 4 attempts. actually it's painfully when we overcome the losses. but you should be a strong girl. keep on being so on your way. i believe in you. it's a rare thing to achieve success through the first try.

  • Oh, dear poor girl. don't be upset. Sometimes we can't control the reality with its cruel sides. I know surely you'll reach your goal without fail. perhaps it will take a time but anyway you deserve to become a mom. I guess you cooperate with a good professional clinic. and people which work there know how to make their patients be happy. it was only your first attempt. don't be sad. we're with you dear

  • Oh, no. I didn’t notice your updates, your sad updates. I gonna have my embryo transfer day in one and half week. Oh how I hope everything will be alright. Seems I wouldn’t live through my own fail. Honestly, I’m really bad fighter and warrior and perhaps if I hadn’t a supportive husband and other loving people around me I would die due to my inability to cope with tough situations.

    But wish you forget this episode and you’ll continue hoping for the best.

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