Am I pregnant?

2 days ago this question was the most important for me. Well I had my HCG blood test done, but am I pregnant? NO! Not even a slightest chance that it's a mistake. These two days were a real trial and we fought against depression. It was wrong to expect positive outcome at once. Of course, it doesn't affect my further plans but it's a big disappointment anyway. It's sad

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  • Aww Marsenan I am so sorry to hear that this time had not been successful for you.

    I can imagine your disappointment.

    You have some frosties tho and I hope these being you better luck.

    Be kind to yourself this weekend and re group.


  • Thank you LBM. It is devastation and I'm just trying to figure out how to come back to my old life. Didn't know I would be depressed that much in case of failure. I had no desire to talk to anyone as I couldn't change that sad look on my face so that people asked to many questions. Today I feel a bit better and been thinking about my frosties. all my hopes are riding on getting successful FET. I wonder if they won't become worse after thawing..

    How are you? Not much time left for your next steps, less than a month yeah? have you managed to take days off for this period?


  • Oh Marsenan. What sad times. Take time for hugs and love. It's a hard journey xx

  • Thank you Emu!! I'm trying to do my best. lots of love x

  • Hi, don't lose a hope marsenan . i hope you don't let yourself be broken and depressed for too long. because it's time to start thinking about new try. as i remember you have an opportunity to use your next 4 attempts. actually it's painfully when we overcome the losses. but you should be a strong girl. keep on being so on your way. i believe in you. it's a rare thing to achieve success through the first try.

  • Easier said than done but I'll do my best. My husband asked me why have I signed for 5 attempts then if I was sure that the first one would be successful. He's right, although disappointment doesn't go anywhere. I see how hard it's for him as well and despite all this he still tries to support me. golden man indeed. I should be strong for his sake at least, and I will. Thank you for kind and encouraging words xx

  • Oh, dear poor girl. don't be upset. Sometimes we can't control the reality with its cruel sides. I know surely you'll reach your goal without fail. perhaps it will take a time but anyway you deserve to become a mom. I guess you cooperate with a good professional clinic. and people which work there know how to make their patients be happy. it was only your first attempt. don't be sad. we're with you dear

  • yay, I'm trying. It's not about being upset but to cope with everything and be ready to move on in spite of all shitty things that going around. professionalism is not what bothers me now. they were good, have no complaints but need to take more time and to sort my feelings out. thank you for kind words. It's a pleasure to login this community and see that whatever issue you have, you'll be always supported. good luck to you in return

  • Oh, no. I didn’t notice your updates, your sad updates. I gonna have my embryo transfer day in one and half week. Oh how I hope everything will be alright. Seems I wouldn’t live through my own fail. Honestly, I’m really bad fighter and warrior and perhaps if I hadn’t a supportive husband and other loving people around me I would die due to my inability to cope with tough situations.

    But wish you forget this episode and you’ll continue hoping for the best.

  • Dear! You didn’t post anything since when this thread had been created. I know how it was difficult to cope with those episodes in your life.

    Inform us about that how you are now.

    I hope everything is OK. and you are ready to continue and move on!

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