Don't give up πŸ˜‡

Don't give up πŸ˜‡

Hiya lovely ladies and guys sorry not been on in such a long Time just thought would write a wee update and give you all so hope and strength to carry on with your journey I tried to get pregnant for nearly 11 years and had 3 failed attempts at ivf was heart broken with each fail and just didn't want to put myself or my partner through any more heart ache but found a lovely girl on here that spoke to me about my immune system so went down to England had tests done and had yet another operation to get my tubes removed wanted all this tests and and ops done before tried again and I will never ever forget the words CONGRATULATIONS ITS CAME BACK POSITIVE YOUR GOING TO BE A MUMMY I had the worse pregnancy sick 5 to 6 times everyday in hospital all the time on a drip was in labourer 11 and a half hours trying to push my baby boy out but his head was turned so I got rushed for a c section what I didn't want as I just wanted to do something for myself as had everything done for me but I new I had to get him out after about and hour I heard my baby's cry can't even describe my feelings anyways my health beautiful baby boy is now 9 weeks out so my heart ache for so many years brought me my little miracle baby boy who I adroe and makes me smile each day so stay strong guys and u will get you miracle u all so deserve πŸ˜‡

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  • What a beautiful boy πŸ’™πŸ’™ congratulations xx

  • Thank you hun xxxxx

  • Congratulations Hun been wondering how u were for ages! Gorgeous boy enjoy. πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Thank you so much I got really down when was pregnant then when he's came I've hardly been on my phone hope your well has everything been good??? xxxx

  • All good now our little Ray of light Leora Rae is here in my arms πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž xx a month old today! X

  • He's a cutie. Thanks for sharing x

  • Thank you tugsgirl just wanted to give people hope as I loved when red people's stories when I was thinking of giving up xxxxx

  • Adorable! Well done Lynsey xxx

  • Thank you weemrsh xxxxx

  • Aw wow what a lovely post! Can I ask what immune tests you had done? Xxxx

  • Thank you and am sure it's called nk cell test it's like us immune system could be that good it's fighting off anything that's trying to implant xxxxx

  • Aw fab thank you I am due to have that in the next couple of months xxx

  • Thank you sprinkles86 I pray all goes well for youxxxxx

  • Hi Lynsey86,

    I've just had the NK cells test and it came back 'moderate' - this is after a failed 1st round. The doc then stuck me on DHEA & melatonin straight away, but more related to the NK cells I start on Clexane injections & Dexmethsone tablets as soon I start AF. Also booked in for intralipid next week.

    I'm British but live in Melbourne, have found they run things a little bit differently down here but wondered what they changed for you after your NK cells test? At times I wonder if they're just trying to spin as much $$ as they can.

    Next cycle we're going to try our luck the 1 frozen embryo that's waiting.

    It's so lovely to read such positive stories - it really does give me hope!

    Kate x

  • Wow kateteee sounds like u have been through alot it's very draining u just feel if Try other things it will work ☺ I pray so much u get your wee miracle with ur next shot hunπŸ˜‡ well my doctors didn't want me going for the tests am in Scotland and they were as clued up as yet up here as they are down England they did give me a number of someone they would be dealing with in the future tho I really don't no if it was the the steroids I was on coz my nk cells or coz got my tubes removed as my tubes were blocked I would just say never keep up as I nearly did all the best hun xxxxx

  • Thanks for sharing. He's absolutely gorgeous! Xxx

  • Thank you amanda86 xxxxx

  • He's gorgeous, congratulations πŸ’™ Xx

  • Thank you georgina 78 xxxxxx

  • Wow lynsey86! He's absolutely gorgeous, what a cutie! Well done!xx

  • Thank you cinderella 5 xxxxx

  • Congratulations Lynsey. He is absolutely adorable!. Enjoy mummy hood xx

  • Thank you so much jhza700 xxxxxx

  • I'm new to this site but wow thank you for sharing as I needed to read some positivity this week.

    I've had 3 IVF cycles - 1 miscarriage and 2 failed attempts. I was wondering whether I could put myself through another cycle but this has really given me some hope and some questions to asking my consultant about my immune system!

    Massive congratulations to you on your beautiful baby boy x

  • I really do hope it works out for u e_05 I've wanted to give up so many times glad I didn't as he's my miracle thank you doll xxxxx

  • Congratulations! It's amazing isn't it? Everything we go through is so worth it!! Xx

  • Thank you and definitely is amyleighxx xxxxx

  • He is gorgeous Lyndsey... enjoy every minute

    I had a planned section but ended up with some complications however all that mattered was little one was ok

    He is here now πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’™πŸ’™

    All the best

    Holly xx

  • Thank you very much isitonlyadream that's it hun he's here now and that's all that matters hope ur loving being a mummy xxxxxx

  • Aww he's beautiful, many congratulations and enjoy every minute being a mummy πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Thank you so much button_123 xxxxz

  • Wow, what a cutie he is, congratulations, I've been trying for over 11 just waiting to start my 2nd cycle xx

  • Thanks just love him omg I pray it happens for u hun as u so deserve up wee miracle leesalou xxxxx

  • Thanks chick, I'm looking at July now before I start due to I've got to go on the pill when the nurse says so that my period will work with my treatment, they said good things come to those that wait, xx

  • I really hope in just a few months u get the most amazing news ever u deserve it good luck and all the best and that's so very true hun xxxxx

  • Thank you xx

  • So glad you posted an update. I was thinking about you just this week.

    So glad everything worked out. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on having a lovely smiley little boy. xx

  • Thank you curlysue2014 hope ur doing well xxxxxx

  • Congratulations what a lovely little boy x

  • Thank you cocker_crazy xxxxx

  • Aww gorgeous boy 😊 Xxx

  • Thank you melaineh xxxxx

  • Aww I remember your journey last year, so lovely to see this post. Your little miracle baby boy is beautiful 😍 huge congratulations enjoy every second xxxx ❀❀

  • Thank you so much flossy85 xxxxxx

  • Omg hello Lynsey I being thinking of u all this time how u doing . I'm so so happy for u . Your little boy is gorgeous 😍 Please "don't leave us "anymore like that ☺️ I want to share with u my happiness to . I went through my sec ivf last year and I had BFP. I'm 38w and 2d pregnant with my little girl . Next week 17th we will finally meet her ...I'm going to have a c section because she is big healthy girl without much amniotic fluid to turn head down ....she is in breech position . Oh Hun I'm so glad u ok and u got your little angel 😍 xxx

  • Good luck Hun! Can't wait to see pics xx

  • Thank u Hun . I will definitely put some pics of my princess xxx

  • Omg my eyes just watered up there am over the moon for you hun been such a journey your going to be such an amazing mummy to your little princess I really can't wait to see her pics my wee boy was 8 12 wee fatty everyone kept saying he's not like a newborn he's like a few month old baby am like shhhh wanted him to stay little for as long as he can but he just keeps growing lol all the best for your section hun πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’–xxxxx

  • Thank u Hun . Yes she is big girl 8lb 8oz few days ago when we went for scan ☺️ I just want her here so much ...I'm nervous and bit scared with that c section. On 17th we need to be at 7am in hospital ...what I know we r first in ..if is not any emergency . Hun I'm so happy for u after what u went through . Your baby boy is so sweet and cute I'm so glad that u share that with us here . When my princess arrive I will put some photo xxx

  • Wow congratulations what a journey and what a cherished baby you now have xx

  • Beautiful baby x bet you can't stop looking at him x thank you for posting x I'm in the 2ww and just feel so not positive but this post gives me hope in a very dark tunnel xxx

  • Thank you haha I get told all the time I just stare at him and my eyes glow and my smile is the biggest I don't even no am doing it half the time he's amazing for last well nearly two weeks he's been sleeping right through and before was only up once at night awww that's great hun I pray so much u get to hear those amazing words so soon πŸ˜‡ xxxxx

  • Thank u x had a major meltdown yesterday I was 7dy5dt and had brown blood when wiping x awful x want gonna test early and was gonna wait until Sunday for blood test but did a test this morning and got a faint second line ! I've never had a positive test ever ... I couldn't believe my eyes ! Long way to go yet but I'm cautiously smiling ! Enjoy that gorgeous baby xx

  • Thank you for sharing your boy with really gives hope.

  • Your welcome and thank you xxxxx

  • Thanks for sharing it really does help to hear some positive stories and big congrats to you well done x x

  • Congratulations 🎊 he is beautiful xx

  • Thank you 😘 xxxxx

  • What a lovely smiley baby boy 😊

  • Thank you ino that smile melts my heart each and everyday xxxxx

  • Beautiful πŸ’™πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Thank you 😘xxxxx

  • Beautiful! Love a happy ending. Thank u xxx

  • Thank you πŸ’ž xxxxx

  • Aww thank you so much hun πŸ’ž xxxxx

  • Beauty! He's full of happiness hun! I am so happy for you too! wish you the best of the best in the future. You deserve it!


  • Awww thank you so much means alot xxxxx

  • sending you lots of love hun! xxxx

  • Such a gorgeous photo! What a cutie!

  • Thank you πŸ’ž xxxxxx

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