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Positive from a negative 🥲♥️

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Hello me again.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their kind messages about my failed attempt.

I’ve had a little cry and me and my partner have decided we are going to take at least a year out before we try for another transfer. I feel like I owe it to myself.

I’m going to concentrate on my uni, go back to the gym and concentrate on my miracle baby boy.

I do want a sibling for my son but I will not put myself under pressure. If it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I am aware that some people are still trying for their first miracle so I need to dust myself off and look at the positives. I will not be beaten.

Thank you to all you lovely people for giving me hope and lifting me back up. I am not going anywhere and will still be watching you all on your journeys and I am here to help if anyone needs it.

Love always to my IVF warriors ♥️♥️

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Thank you. So sorry to hear your news. Sounds like a really good decision. Well done staying so positive at such a challenging time. xxx

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Faith103 in reply to FluffyPink

Thank you. We have to try to keep going don’t we. Ivf is so tough on everyone. Hope you’re well ♥️xxx

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FluffyPink in reply to Faith103

Thanks 🙂 Yes, it’s a horrendous journey 😞 I’m doing well thanks and counting my blessings every day. We finally had success after switching to donor egg and sperm and moving clinic (our 7th round) and amazingly I’m due in two weeks, I’ll be 46 in Jan. Will be thinking of you and hope you can find meaning in the year you have planned ahead. xxx

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Faith103 in reply to FluffyPink

Thank you for your kind words. Wow 😯 that’s amazing news.

Lovely to see you are finally at the finish line. I remember being at the end of pregnancy I was so ready to get my body back. Be kind to yourself and good luck for your labour xxx 😘

It’s worth all the pain. Do you know what your having?

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FluffyPink in reply to Faith103

Thank you ❤️ It’s a little boy. It all feels surreal as it took 5 years and lots of heartache to get to this point. Glad you are able to take a year away from this journey. I really feel you will have a different outcome when you come back to it. Take care. xxx

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Mei19 in reply to FluffyPink

I needed to read this. We are contemplating donor eggs after several failed transfers ( my spouse has no fertility issues). I’m 44.5 yo so I really can’t go through more ovulation/stimulation cycles myself so reading your story gave me some hope. Also I have been tested and all tests always come back as negative but I have RA/Lupus symptoms ( my mum had RA since her late 30s) so probably that’s a factor for failing transfers..?. Would you please share with me how you have managed RA while pregnant ? Many thanks !

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FluffyPink in reply to Mei19

Hi Mei19, Of course - I’ll send you a private message as I don’t want to highjack Faith103’s thread. No problem. x

oh my God, I am almost crying....it was so heartfelt and beautiful at so many levels I am happy you have a miracle boy you can love, and I am sorry it hasn't worked yet for your second baby, I am sure it doesn't hurt any less.

I am also happy you decided to take some time to look a little bit after yourself, because I am sure you deserve it.

Best of luck! you know you have this amazing community here for when you need it ;)

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Faith103 in reply to MammaMia86


All power to you. It sounds like a great decision to have some time off to focus on your own happiness and on your little one. 🧡🧡🧡

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Faith103 in reply to Redsequin


Sorry to hear your news, but that sounds like a good plan! Enjoy your little one and who know it might happen very soon for you xxx

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Faith103 in reply to FrancyItaly


I just want to say you are still young and have plenty of time to have another baby I don't if that is any comfort (probably not) . I think it's good you lots of other things to focus on the journey can feel relentless ( I did not even do ivf but it's been a struggle for us to have a family) I wish you the best with everything. And hope to see you get your completed family which I'm sure will happen for you ❤️ Your positivity is an inspiration Xx

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Faith103 in reply to Jess1981

Thanks Jess.

This is how I have started to look at it. I do still have time. I’ve just turned 33.

You won’t get shut of me that easily lol. Il be back lol xxx 😘

I will look forward to your updates ♥️

All the best, sending you support and healing x

This is exactly the same position I am in at the moment. I recently had a FET which I had several positive test results but lost it very early on. I was heart broken but had to refocus and remember that we have a miracle rainbow baby that is a lot more than others have. I would love nothing more than to give him a sibling but at the end of the day we are so lucky.

We have one egg left and everything is resting on that but I do need to relax and remember what we already have.

I wish you all the luck in the world for number 2. Taking a year out sounds like a good idea, allowing your self time to be you and to make yourself feel good.


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Faith103 in reply to Rfletcher

I feel exactly what you are saying. We are so lucky to have our miracles. So people would only dream of what we have.

I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you have been kind to yourself. This is such a tough journey.

I hope we get to complete our family but like you said if we don’t then we are still so so lucky.

All the best for your future ♥️♥️ xxx

Hi Faith103, I am so sorry to hear of you BFN.. it is so hard- this journey we take. Look after yourself and regroup.. you’ll only be stronger for it💝


Lovely words, glad your taking time to recover 💕 I hope you and your little one have a lovely Christmas xx

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Faith103 in reply to ClaireSe

You too!

Thanks for your kind words xxx 😘

Great attitude. I’m pregnant with my second pregnancy first baby, second transfer now, and I want to never lose sight that we hopefully will have one healthy baby. If we end up trying for another and use our final embryo I have to think of what we have. That’s exactly the right attitude. Good luck to you! And you never know when you’re not looking, it might happen! X

Awww congratulations ♥️

That exactly how I’m going to look at it from now on. I’m so lucky and i should enjoy him.xxx

Hi lovely, sorry this one didn't work for you - but I think it's a brilliant idea to have a year off. IVF takes over so much and having a bit of time out to get back to "yourself" is so important. It's really easy to lose your sense of self when all you are doing is thinking about how to make this work (speaking about myself here!)

So I wish you a lovely year of doing fun things and enjoying your little one - then all the best for your next cycle xxx

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Faith103 in reply to Millbanks

Thank you ☺️

It’s so hard isn’t it. I think I just need to concentrate on how blessed I am to have my health etc. Hope you’re pregnancy is going well xxx

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Millbanks in reply to Faith103

You are indeed, but I’m not sure it makes it any easier. All good here thank you ❤️ Still so unbelievably grateful to be here xxx

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