Meet Tigger 🐾

Meet Tigger 🐾

Ok so here's Tigger. Our 8 week old baby boy. He could not be more different than Lilly! Lilly was confident and trusting from day one, so inquisitive but not this little one! Oh no, he won't even sniff me or take treats! I should be happy to have a new bun to take care of but it's made me realise just how amazing Lilly was, and I miss her more than ever!!

We're going to have to work really really hard to gain Tigger's trust. Wish us luck! 🀞 πŸ€ πŸ™πŸ» 🐾

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  • Tigger is beautiful. I'm sure he'll quickly grow and gain trust, getting used to new surroundings. Hope you enjoy getting to know your furry friend xx

  • Hope so! X

  • Awww gorgeous 🐰🐰

  • Yes he's got quite a pretty face for a boy. Much chunkier than Lilly was too X

  • He is lovely good for you. So sweet. After my first loss last year I got my one eyed kitten called Nelson. He really does make me smile. Love animals so therapeutic!!

    Take care and enjoy him xxxxx

  • At the moment I can't help but feel a bit rejected by him but I'm trying to be really patient and he's finally taken some parsley off me 🀞 x

  • I hope Tigger is a great companion some day but he's going to take time to bond with us I guess xx

  • Aw Tigger!...I love his ears πŸ’•

    Not quite the same but with my two dogs we got our little girl first and she was a dream so 18mths later we thought we'd get her a little friend of the same breed so along came Buddy...

    Buddy was a devil dog. He destroyed a lot of our furniture through chewing, barked constantly at night for weeks (we had barely any sleep for 6wks!), would not learn recall and took months to house train (he still has regular accidents now and he's 3yrs old) Anyway where I'm getting to is that at first I would have gladly returned him but gradually he settled down and grew up and now I wouldn't change him for the world. Yes he's still naughty and he still won't recall and he still wees where he shouldn't but he's such a little character...completely different to my docile, well trained girl dog...he learns complicated tricks and follows me round like a shadow!...but it's all in his terms!

    I suppose our fur babies are individuals too and have different personalities just like we do!

    I'm sure you'll win him round soon! xxx

  • It's very true! We were so unbelievably lucky how Lilly just took to us from day one. I guess that's why I miss her even more, she was one of a kind πŸ‡ 🐾 πŸ’• X

  • Awwww thats just suppprrrrrr cute. Im sure he will come to you no problem. Best wishes. O yeah love the

  • Thank you. He's hardly a Tigger/Tiger though! He's more like a quivering mouse! He's so afraid and cautious over everything πŸ˜• X

  • He's very sweet! Congratulations!

    When we got our girls (cats) after we lost our beloved Frank, it took a really long time for them to settle in and we kept noticing just how different they were from Frank. Daphne is still quite shy and she's been with us for 18 months. She gradually gets more and more confident. We absolutely adore them though and are thrilled we got them because our home seemed so empty without Frank.

    I'm sure Tigger will settle in beautifully. Just give him a little time.

    Vic x

  • Thank you. Yea he's very very different. It's not fair of us to compare him I guess but it just makes us appreciate how special Lilly was all the more xx


  • I was so sad to hear of your loss of lilly. I hope new little munchkin settles in.... I have no doubt he will to such a lovely family to look after him πŸ˜€ Enjoy your new home tigger 🐾🐾 x

  • Thank you. We just want to see him blossom into a happy healthy confident little bun 🀞🀞 x

  • You will nurture tigger into a confident happy little chappy with your love. I think as lilly was such a terrible shock it must be hard not to compare and get used to the different personalities. Big hugs to you for being such a strong lady. I wish u nothing but the best. Take care xxxx

  • I'm sure once he realises what a lovely home he has got the trust will come in leaps a bounds ..... lovely colour and name xx

  • Thank you 😊 X πŸ™πŸ»

  • Aw congrats he's lovely..I'm sure he'll warm to you in no time, just try and be patient and remember it's probably pretty unnerving for him, he's in a unfamiliar place with humans he doesn't know..I know dogs are different but when we got ours she was so timid-trembling and jumpy at every noise and wouldn't come to either of us but then curled up on my hubbys friend she'd only just met..I felt really jealous!! Anyway she totally had us fooled because she's absolutely not timid and norw follows me around like a shadow!

    I hope he settles asap and you can shower him with love & cuddles xx

  • Lilly followed me like a shadow within a few days, more like a puppy than a bunny. Miss her so much. Hopefully we'll get there with Tigger 🀞 X

  • Ps I totally understand how you feel & comparing, we had our dog (our furry soulmate we call her!) for 16 years and I know I'll struggle to adapt to a new dog when she's gone (I'll definitely have another as I just adore them) as we're just so used to her and all her little foibles! It'll be so weird so don't worry about comparing, its normal I'm sure xx

  • That's the thing about this group; whenever I'm doubting myself or feeling bad because of the thoughts I'm having, there's always someone to tell me I'm normal. Thank you xx

  • You're so welcome Hun, I often feel exactly the same about this place xx

  • So pleased for you...Tigger is a bundle of lovely fluff! I am sure he will come round in such a loving home, probably just a bit spooked due to the new environment. Hope he makes you very happy xx 😘

  • I can't wait for him to trust us! 🀞 πŸ™πŸ» Xx

  • Hello Tigger!! What gorgeous markings on his coat 😘😘😘

  • He is a cutie! x

  • Good luck with tigger. He's a cutie xx

  • πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Yay so excited for you that you have another little bunny 🐰

  • He's very hard work but hopefully he'll let us love him soon 🀞 X

  • Xxxxxx cute, good luck πŸ€. Xxxx

  • I can genuinely say that after having several house rabbits boys have ended up being really attached to me. Lots of handling which I know you will do and before you know it he will be following you around. One of my boys was so obsessed he would follow me and he would walk across my fields with no lead. He was rescued from many years of being stuck in hutch with no attention. It will be okay in the end and if it's not then it's not the end. Xxx

  • I've had a couple of people tell me boys are easier it's just that he's my third boy and Lilly was my second girl, in my experience the girls have definitely been easier! But thank you for your reply, I'm feeling a bit more reassured..

    Tigger (and Lilly) are not exactly house rabbits. Lilly was in a run after I finished work for an hour or two then came in the house every evening until we went to bed for a few hours then she slept in her outdoor hutch. I've always kept rabbits this way and my last boy Ben lived to almost 11. With my OH being in a wheelchair having a rabbit free roam all the time wouldn't be practical and we don't have a spare room or anything at the moment.. Problem is, is that Tigger won't let me near him. I want to bring him inside to have some free roam time but he's making it hard. Lilly had her free roam time from day two. I'm taking things very slowly with him so as not to freak him out. I hope I'm handling this the right way because I'd love him to be like your boy who was obsessed xx

  • It's sounds like you are doing everything right. I think boys get sexually frustrated and that's when they can get a bit obsessive. I only read this in a book once so don't take it as gospel. Also I was overly relaxed with house rabbits and my last one which was a giant rabbit used to play with the cats. This ended in an untimely death. He got scratched even though they were playing... So no more rabbits. I also think that their hutch provides a safe area of their own. My husband has limited me to 2 dogs now. And my goodness if I do have a child there will be a lot jealousy! Good luck and kindness always wins in my experience. Will look forward to an update. Xx

  • Thank you! This morning I have bribed him with a grape and while he was eating it he let me stroke him 🀞

    I'm so sorry about what happened to your bun xx

  • He's lovely! Am sure he'll be cuddly in a couple of weeks when he realises he's safe! We got 2 little rescue cats a few months ago and we never thought one of them would ever come near us but now we can't get rid of her - she is a proper shadow! Good luck!x

  • Thanks x

  • Aaaaaaeeeeewwwwww

    Tiger is sho sho cute.

    I just wanna hug her


  • He's a boy but you're right he's a cutie but he won't let me hug him either lol x

  • Really it's a boy or a gurl is definitely a show stealer. I am so envious right now . I guess he's too young and timid to understand our love . But I'm sure gradually ull bring him around . ❀️Have a fab time with him. Xx

  • Thank you 😊 X

  • The best friendships take a bit of time to grow! He'll be your best bud in no time, just needs to settle in & suss you out a bit more. Welcome to the family Tigger, v cute! X

  • Thank you 😊 🀞X

  • Tigger is gorgeous 😊🐰

    You'll soon have his trust. He's just curious about all his new surroundings. Once he's explored all that I'm sure he'll come out of his shell 😊

    Good luck πŸ€ xxx

  • Thank you 😊 we need it! 🀞 πŸ€ X

  • Gosh! He is just beautiful! He's just being a little shy and coy, but he will be putty in your hands soon enough! :)

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck and hope tigger comes round to you real soon xx

  • Ahhhh sounds like a timid wee soul! He'll come around once he gets to know you, gorgeous!!xx

  • He's a little bit better but seems to be taking to my OH a bit easier than me. But he's generally more inquisitive xx

  • I guess animals are just like humans in the fact that we are all different, some of us are more shy that others! He'll be settled in before you know it!!xx

  • 🀞 Hope so! I need bunny cuddles as I'm having Lilly withdrawals xx

  • Awe bless him he's so cute!

    Try not to worry I am sure he will come round. We've got three cats and each one is completely different. The shy, timid one has taken the most work but she's the most faithful and loyal cat I could have asked for. If I'm upset she becomes my shadow and she comes up to bed every single night for her night time cuddle.

    I'm sure Tigger will come around with all the love you have to give him! Although you will always miss Lilly, you will also see how your love will help this little one xx

  • Thank you x

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