Little update 😊

So after my first baseline scan yesterday being a waste of time as AF had not arrived - typically she came today in leaps and bounds 😣

Called my clinic who have got me booked in for another scan tomorrow morning to check my lining again I guess and see if I can start treatment .

I'm worried that this is going to be too soon - I'll have only had 1 full day of period. I can't see how my lining will be ready by then and with a bank holiday weekend ahead I guess a scan on Tuesday will be too late??

Im new to all this so I don't know and now freaking out slightly! Any advice would be appreciated xoxox

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  • I haven't got much advice I'm afraid but wanted to let you know that our clinic and I know others scan on a bank holiday Monday too so if they need to see you again on Monday I'm sure they'll call you in. Hope all goes well tomorrow. I'm in for a scan too, although day 9 of stims for me today so a bit further ahead than you. X

  • Thanks for your reply!! I was going to ask tomorrow about bank holiday openings 😊 Hopefully things are as they need to be tomorrow & I can finally get this journey started!

    Fingers firmly crossed.

    Bestof luck with your scan! Xox

  • Hey there. Have you had your scan yet? All go ok? X

  • I have just got back to work from my scan.

    Everything is fine.

    And I start my injections tonight 😣😣😣

    Oh God...all so real now!xxx

  • Hope they go ok. I honestly found they weren't as bad as I expected. Hope it's the same for you. X

  • I really hope so! I'm home alone tonight too so have no choice but to do it myself. I'll be fine 😊 I can do this 😊 xox

  • Hi jade, im slightly embarrased to admit this but i actually googled previously on a cycle how to increase flow of period and it suggested a hot water bottle can help. Might be worth a try or I might just be totally bonkers!xx

  • Ooh okay! Thanks!! I don't think mine could have arrived much stronger then it has so I'm hoping for the best today!

    She's arrived with a vengeance so hopefully will be enough.

    After a restless nights sleep- I now need to prepare myself for this one later, really not looking forward to this one today πŸ˜“ xox

  • Hope you get on ok xx

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