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Prostap- experiences/cost?

Hi all, quick one from me this time, has anyone done 3 months on prostap before their IVF cycle and if so how was it? Can I also ask if you got this on NHS or had to pay? My endometriosis pain is getting worse so I'm hoping that if I need to have this treatment to calm down the endo it could be covered by NHS but then again if it's the IVF consultants recommending it perhaps I am being too optimistic?! Xx

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Hi. I've been on Zoladex, which is similar to prostap, for 5 months on my lead up to FET. I mostly felt great on it only having 1 painful period like normal (with endo pains etc) in the 1st month, then a random bleed in the 4th month, which took me by surprise, but was only 5 days and painless. I suffered major hot flushes so took Tibolone HRT which resolved them. No other symptoms. I've just had my first scan towards FET which shows my endometriomas have gone and I've started my meds.

I'm at a private ivf clinic and the doctor there recommended I have Zoladex. They wrote a letter to my GP to request they give it to me, so I got it on the NHS. The letter stated the reason for needing it, exact dose, how many I needed (mine were monthly) and asked them to prescribe Tibolone too.

Hope this helps x


Thanks so much for the response, sounds like it's really working out for you. Hadn't realised you'd still have any periods. I will look into zoladex. It's great to know it's possible to get it on NHS too. I'm a bit in limbo as the hysteroscopy is follow up from my last one and covered my NHS (I think because I was at an NHS hospital - although was paying for it, who knows) but I don't think I would stay with them for the next cycle so we'll see if anyone agrees to pay for it or it's down to us!

All the very best of luck to you, sounds really positive that it has calmed down the endometriosis xx


Thanks Cmat. Apparently you get one period, then some women get breakthrough bleeding. It wasn't painful with the usual IBS and back pain etc but was annoying as I was away on holiday! Hoping my endo is suppressed and another issue overcome - I've had 3 hysteroscopies to block my tubes with Essure as tube removal/clipping was too difficult with my swelling and adhesions. So hopefully I'm now in the best possible position for the FET to work. Eek nervous 😩

I've been reading your posts and you've been through such a lot. I hope you overcome your next hurdles very soon so that you can start again. Best wishes to you xx


Thanks Mango. I found the FET process much better than the original IVF because my body felt calmer so I think with the zoladex too you've got a really good chance. Good luck xx


Hi Cmat. If you have been accepted as an NHS patient, it is likely that you will have to pay for any drugs used. All depends upon your CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group). Best to check with the clinic. It can be given as a one-off injection lasting for 3 months, or for 3 separate monthly injections, depending upon your consultants preference for your treatment, If you were being treated just for endometriosis, without IVF you probably wouldn't have to pay. Hopefully it will calm your endometriosis down nicely before you start your stimulation drugs. Good luck, and fingers crossed for success. Diane


Thanks for the heads up Diane. Seems to be a trend that once infertility is part of the picture there is less funding 😔 Had read negative stuff on the endometriosis site and doctors themselves seem a bit cautious about it, but it's good to hear positive stories and as my pains get worse I figure I may well be considering it even if I wasn't trying to conceive. I'll keep you guys updated on how I proceed xx


Hi Cmat. Pleasure, and good luck with whatever is decided for you. Diane

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Hi Cmat, I've been on prostap for 3 months which has just come to an end and I've just started the stimulation drugs. This is my 4th IVF and prostap was strongly recommended by my clinic prior to trying again. I'm at an NHS clinic and my prostap was free as part of our (very very lucky to have) funding, it was just a one off injection.

I've found it ok this time, I've been on it for 6 months before, which was worse. I haven't had any endo problems at all, no periods, pain etc and the side effects have been manageable. Now we're just hoping it's worked to calm the endo down enough to let a little embie implant! 🙏🏻

Wishing you lots of luck with it all xx


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