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Have any one else felt this ?

So I been taking suprecur injections and I have this feeling like there is a lump in my throat that I can't get rid of ? Amongst other things this is doing my head in the most anyone else felt this of the injection ? And I am really not looking forward to egg collection can anyone put my mind at rest with that aswel.please thanks ladies

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Hi Tara,

Are you feeling stressed with this cycle?

I have not had this during treatment but have suffered severe stress in my worklife before which resulted in a stress lump appearing in my throat.

I have had it lots of times since when under stress. Just a thought.


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Hiya thanks for the reply do u know u are probably right o hadn't thought of that I do feel.stresed or more anxiety that may be the cause of this feeling...i have never been through this process before so it all new to me and it's giving me all kinds of emotions I didn't know existed a minute I am.sooo tired aswel and just really nervous that it won't work and I.crying all the time lol so maybe it's the stress I hope it right xx


It defo sounds like that to me its a horrible feeling as its not an unwell feeling its just that you are aware of it and definetly panicky.

I have never experienced anything like it.

Easier said that done but try to keep yourself as calm as possible and try to allow yourself to switch off from it.

This forum is great but dont spend too much time on the net.

I found some relaxation music on Youtube and listened to that most nights in bed which allowed me to sleep as like you say the periods of tiredness is tough.

Walks help too.

Wishing you all the best on your journey, you will do just great. Stay positive xx


Aww thanks allot for u r help defiantly won't be reading to much of the info it's a great page but some things like u said can make u more anxious I suppose... (Its not a great feeling at all I agree) thanks again and I hope what ever you are going through is going well for you also xx


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