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Hi everyone! About 5 years ago I’ve been diagnosed with infertility. It was a big shock as I’ve always dreamt to become a mother of my own child. Thanks for my family and for my lovely husband who supported me and made me feel much better. Anyway, we decided to try egg donation. Now me and my husband are searching for a good clinic where we could find help and support. We’ve read a lot information about the clinics in Europe, but most of them are too expensive for us. Can you please suggest something? We need the clinic with good facilities, qualified doctors and affordable prices.

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  • Hey honey me to looking for a clinic in london for iui treatment i have been told that CARE fertility is good but i havent had a look at their web yet..i hope u find yours soon.x

  • Thank u for your support

  • Hello, Olivia864! So sorry for your infertility issue. We all understand what is it like.

    We are here to help you. What variants have you already considered? Have you read about Ukraine as your destination? I suggest you this country because I was undergoing ivf treatment there. The price is very good out there.

  • Hi, margy7! We've seen a lot of variants, but are not sure what is the best option for us. In what clinic did you have your treatment?

  • I chose Ukrainian clinic. This country is very popular right now in providing reproductive medicine services. And I know here some users who also opted for a clinic where I had my treatment. The packages they suggest not so over priced. My package was for 6900 EUR. ant it was for two attempts. Luckily, I used only one. You can ask anything you want, I will share my experience with you with pleasure:-)

  • Thank you very much. I really appreciate your support. Well, the price sounds great. We've seen the clinics which were much more expensive than that. Did you like the staff there?

  • Hi! Check out different forums dedicated to the treatment abroad.

    Here I know a lot of women talking about their successful treatment from different countries. I'm sure you'll find here some advices. Wish you to make a good choice! Good luck!

    P.S. Is it your first time when you apply for ivf?

  • Thank you! Yes, its the first time we've decided to try ivf

  • Have a look on egg donation friends it offers lots of info about different clinics and countries etc x

  • Ok, I surely will, thank u

  • I recommend going to the fertility show. Normally held in London or Manchester. Brilliant fir fact finding and many clinics under one roof. Saves a lot of time. X

  • That's interesting. I've never heard about this show before. When does it held? Is it like a conference or what?

  • If you look up fertility show on search engine, details will come up of when and where. It is a conference really. Aswell as clinics there are support networks to find out about and a range of seminars relevant to a wide range of people. Really recommend it as answered many of our questions x

  • I've lust had a look on this web site. Can't understand how could I miss many questions are revealed there....

    Too bad it will be in November...I can't wait so long. I planned my visit to Ukraine at the end of May

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear this. My husband and I are just going through a similar thing. Where to start is so difficult. The clinic we are currently with recommended another one in Spain but I didn't get that warm fuzzy feeling from them if you know what I mean.

    I found this website which may be of help to you. We are currently looking at a clinic in Greece. From what I can tell success rates are good and it's not too badly priced. They even offer you a free Skype interview to go through things.

    hope it helps a little

    The fertility show i believe is on 21st may in London and some clinic from abroad including the Greece one will be there worth a look if you can


  • hi Olivia. I'm really sorry for your health issues. unfortunately I can relate. however, i'm now pregnant just because of egg donation. I still can't believe it worked from the very first try. So you shouldn't be scared before you even start. you were advised to visit eggdonationfriends, I find it a good idea because this website helped me to make my first research on where to go. as you already know egg donation isn't allowed everywhere so be ready for ivf travel. I found my pregnancy in Ukraine, so I'd advise you to take a closer look to clinics or agencies there.

    wish you all the best xx

  • hi! thank u so much for your support and advice. Its really inspiring. I'm so happy for you and your pregnancy. Hope everything will be fine. I will definitely follow your advice and search for more information about Ukrainian clinics as well.

  • Like Button-123, I would highly recommend visiting egg donation friends com. Tons of stats, prices, reviews, trusted clinics, discounts and packages x

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