Correct decision of double transfer

Scan day today at 6 wks and mixed emotions as our second embryo hasn't made it but very happy that we have one embryo happily flickering away on the screen. Still can't relax as feel there's still such a long way to go but we've made it this far. Excited but grounded. Good luck to everyone whatever stage you're at and baby dust 😊 xx

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  • Yay! So pleased you have one little embryo getting cozy. Another positive step on your journey. Take care of yourself xxx

  • Huge congratulations!! Must be an amazing sight!! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!xx

  • So excited for you Louise, this is a huge milestone! Long way to go like you say but hope you feel a little more relieved now xxx

  • Hey Louisear, your situation was similar too ours. So I/we can relate with mixed emotions, but we will put all positivity in the situation we now find ourselves in...believe me, the weeks will fly by, just remain calm, rage every step as it comes. Wishing your little fighter continues to grow.

    Look at it this way as we so glad we chose to put two in. Like you say it's still a long way to go and you've do so well so far

  • thanks sanj. Hope your little one is doing well. We never know what to do for the best do we, just got to hope! X

  • This is lovely to hear - I've just had a double 5 day transfer (Monday gone) and this gives me hope so thank you. Really happy for you ❀x

  • exciting! Hope your 2ww passes quickly and you get to see those magical double lines! Good luck πŸ€ xx

  • I'm in there same place as you but a couple weeks behind - got my bfp yesterday from a double 3dt. Trying to allow myself some time to be excited but not too excited just in case

  • congratulations! How exciting! I know what you mean, it's very mixed emotions all the time on this journey! Good luck and hope you can have time to relax xx

  • Congratulations πŸ‘ŒπŸ» x

  • Congratulations, lovely milestone achieved!! xoxo

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