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🎉Diagnosis endometriosis 🎉 Almost 5 years ttc 4 ivfs and 1 miscarriage!!!


Yay I have a diagnosis. So I had my laporoscopy yesterday and I had diathermy endometriosis on my left ovary but not on my right where I get the pelvic pain 🤔 which confused me. I'm wondering if it was my right ovary though as my incision on the right hurts but I can't feel the left. Also during scans while going through ivf they would regularly confuse my left/right ovary because of the way of uterus lays.

I've no follow up though which I feel is strange. The doctor was telling me things afterwards but I was still coming round so didn't take it all in, plus no discharge notes. Only the ones for the gp which don't reveal too much.

Just a waiting game now I guess to get better and see next steps but I'm pleased I have an explanation for the pain.

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It's always good to have a possible reason...

It really annoys me that they do this after a laparoscopy and that the follow ups are generally weeks/months away!

I would call the nurse or secretary up and request to be sent some more information. It's all new to you and you need time to research and read up on where and what was removed.

There is a good endo forum on here and also one on Facebook if you want the details.

Soapsuds86 in reply to Hollibob

I've joined the endometriosis group now, thanks for that!

I called and left a message with the consultant about the follow up. I wanted them to explain to my husband as I was out of it still so don't really remember the conversation but he wasn't allowed there. So I'm reverting to dr google to make sense of it all in the mean time. xx

Hollibob in reply to Soapsuds86

It's silly that they won't let hubby's in just to listen to the explanation afterwards!

These might help too:




I'm really glad your op went well. And hopefully it stops your pelvic pain.

It's great reading these stories of others having this op.I've been refered for a laparoscopy for a dye,drilling of my ovaries and my consultant wants to check for endometriosis as I've had ongoing pain in my lower left side for 14 weeks and laser it if he finds any. When I signed my consent form I was told by my consultant that he'd whip us in for a follow up after the surgery.

I'm sure your consultant will want to see for a follow up-I'm sure it's pretty standard procedure.

Sorry to hear of your unsuccessful IVF rounds and miscarriage. I hope the endo being treated is enough to help you conceive (whether trying or treatment)


Soapsuds86 in reply to jess1981

Good luck with your op and hope it cures the pain.

I was expecting the ovarian drilling as my gp says I have pcos but the consultant says I dont ftom the same set of results so still confusion there.

The gp discharge notes say no follow up required but I was still coming round when the doctor spoke to me. It does say a follow up is standard so I'll push for it.

It's just been so refreshing after all this time, I could know the reason for not conceiving. But then I feel cheated that I couldn't found this before ivf. I think i just need that follow up for clarification.

Good luck 🍀 xx

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