Round 2 starts ...hopeful

Round 2 starts ...hopeful

I had a failed cycle in january .today i went to see my doc for the first womb and follicles looked excited and ready and hopeful that thia time will be a success .i start the injections on sunday .there was a small cyst but doc says its nothing to worry about.if it grows bigger he will take care of it on sunday .i had acupuncture last saturday .and will do two more sessions during this cycle.i will be 34 this year and i am hoping to celebrate my birthday knowing there is a life inside of me.hopeful..all the best to everyone starting at the same time and all those already started.

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  • Good luck, hope you get your BFP ❀x

  • hie lawmom. We are always walking this road together. I am so happy to hear you are starting again because i too am having my first scan next week so i can go for my second FET in May. I pray this time God lets us smile all the way to the delivery room. Wishing you all the BEST xxx

  • Hi Stacia all the best with your really excited and i feel ready

  • Hey Hun good luck! I start down regulating on Sunday aswell. Last cycle i had a 6cm cyst so i guess when i go for my down regulation scan in a few weeks i can see if it's gone down etc c

  • Best of luck to you.

  • Great news that you're starting again Lawmom! Wishing you lots of luck for this cycle!xx

  • Thank you so much .xoxo

  • Good luck :) xxx

  • Good luck πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Hello lovely, i hope this time round is your turn, I will be keeping everything crossed for you, is it FET or fresh cycle? Xxx

  • Hi emma jane.its a fresh cycle.we had non to freeze from the first time .thank you .

  • Yeah I'm the same, out fail in Feb we didn't have any to freeze either so we are having to save to go again. X

  • Good luck x

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