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So after our 2nd bfn in March my period came 2 days later however this month I am now 5 days late. I have done 2 pregnancy tests in vain hope but negative. I really want my period now as we are due to start our first private treatment next month and just want my body back to normal for this. After first bfn my periods returned to normal. Has anyone else had this?I used the ovulation sticks last month and apparently I didn't ovulate last month either so now all worried there are no eggs left!!!!

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  • Morning Vic.

    I'm not in exactly the same position as you, but a very similar one. We had first go at IVF mid-march. I did 2 pregnancy tests as advised, both negative. Last weekend I phoned the clinic (they weren't too alarmed) & did another test, negative again, but still no period!

    I understand the frustration you're going through, because like you I just want my period to come so I know what's going on! We have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks & would have hoped to do another IVF fairly soon, but if my periods are going to be like this I'm frightened it might not be possible x

  • It's torture isn't spend this time not wanting your period and now I really want it to appear😯I just feel so fed my body is failing me again😒hope your period appears soon xx

  • Yes it's a horrible kind of torture. It's like another twist on the rollercoaster we're riding. I have times when I feel like my body is/I am a complete failure :( I hope you can find comfort in knowing that you're not on your own.

    Thank you very much & I really hope yours comes soon too! xx

  • You poor thing, how frustrating!

    Just wanted to tell you that I lost all faith in opks when the month after my laparoscopy my clearblue told me I didn't ovulate... and that's the only month I've ever managed to get pregnant. So I would recommend ignoring that result! It will all settle down... it's just really hard waiting for it when you want to get going again so sending you lots of sympathy x

  • Hi Vic77. I'm also Vic and I've just had the exact same scenario. Bfn on 9th March. My period came 2 days later. My 2nd period came 5 days late. I didn't do ovulation tests last month as I just didn't feel up to thinking about it. This period has taken 7 days and was very bright red. From reading forums online, the 2nd period can be up to 2 weeks late. Hold on in there. I'm sure it will come. I felt the same as you but managed to hold out testing. It was torture though. I hope it comes soon. I totally get how you just want it to come so you can crack on with moving on. Good luck. Vic x

  • Thanks so much for ur message. I just pinged back last time now I worry age and time is marching on. I am always in two minds about ovulation sticks as they stress me out but I guess I wanted some sign that things were working again. Oh this whole thing sucks but two weeks you say well at least that helps me to chill and be patient. Thanks again and hope you well xx

  • No worries. I thought I was going mad and I hadn't told hubby as I didn't want him to be excited and think we'd conceived naturally. Then we'd planned a trip away to treat ourselves. Thought I'd worked it round my dates so I would have finished by then. Of course I hadn't as I was late. Anyway in the end I was just so pleased it did finally arrive. I set myself up to expect it to take two weeks so then it felt like a bit of a bonus when it did come. Our hospital are good but I was disappointed they didn't give any indication this might happen. It was only through googling I found out it was normal and quite common. I know what you mean about ovulation sticks. I stopped them a while ago as it took the romance away a bit. I can't decide whether to start them again now or not. x

  • Vic I've always used temperature charts to back my ovulation kits up so there is never any doubt. They're not 100% reliable on their own. And unless you're testing about 4/5 times a day you can miss the positive surge! Happened to me and I thought I hadn't ovulated but temps confirmed I had..

    I hope af makes an appearance soon!! 🀞 xx

  • Thanks vicky. .how you doing anyway?xxx

  • Ok as I can be. Still have moments of extreme sadness but it's not all day every day. Back to work tomorrow too. Thank you for asking xx

  • Hope return to work was OK for u xxx

  • Oh thats crap Vic! Its hellish waiting on periods that fail to appear for no reason! The drugs can muck your cycle up for a couple of months so I wouldnt panic yet and Im guessing that because your cycle hasnt had the same cycle you probably ovulated at a different time too so wouldnt have caught it on OPK sticks! Hopefully its just around the corner!xx

  • Thanks misses hope u well xx

  • All good my end thanks! Off to Turkey on Sat for a weeks holiday and will return all destressed to jump back on the rollercoaster of treatment again mid May - period dependant of course....damn periods! 😀 πŸ˜‚xx

  • Lol I know you spend time not wanting it to come then other times desperate to see it😯enjoy ur hols when they come..well deserved xx

  • Oh Hun I think all the meds can really screw your cycle up for a while and thenthe worry of waiting for it to come probably doesn't help either but it's normal to stress.think mine was about 4 days late at about your stage. Hope it sorts itself out soon X

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