6 Weeks pregnant after 4 miscarriages, scared. loosing breast tenderness πŸ™

Hi everyone

I'm 6 +1 weeks pregnant. This is my 5th pregnancy having had 4 recent miscarriages.

I was feeling better about this pregnancy but once again I've lost my breast tenderness completely 2 days ago.

Can anyone give me their experiences if you've had the same thing. I'm so anxious, I can hardly bare it. Thanks in advance xx

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  • Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling worried. I've never had a bfp so can't really say about the breast tenderness I'm afraid. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping you have nothing to worry about. x

  • I haven't experienced the same thing as I had a missed miscarriage and kept all of my symptoms but I just want to tell you I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the best xx

  • Hi, I have had one chemical pregnancy after IVF, and otherwise not been able to get pregnant for almost 2 years. Last year I finally fell pregnant and the same thing happened to me! During week 6-9 I would sometimes wake up and have absolutely no breast tenderness. As in nothing at all! And that despite going to bed with breasts so sore it hurt every time I took a step. After a couple of days the tender breasts would return only to go away again after another day or two. It was so nervewrecking and every time I woke up with no symptoms I would be in tears, convinced I was going to lose the baby.

    Luckily it turned out meaning nothing and I am now 28 weeks pregnant!

    Have you thought about asking for an early scan? When I told my GP about the disappearing symptoms she requested an early scan for me at 6 weeks. They could only see the yolk sac so the scan was repeated at 8 weeks where we got to see the heartbeat :) Both scans really helped to reassure me.

    Big hug Xxx

  • I'm sorry you feel that anxiety I can understand why tho. Symptoms come and go nausea, tiredness etc try and get early scans like already mentioned to ease your stress as that will only make things worse for you. All the best for the next 30+ weeks xx

  • I totally understand why you feel anxious but symptoms do come and go, and sometimes don't come at all or disappear, during the first trisemester. It's very hard but I had it too and so far so good at 15 weeks.. the only way of really knowing whether everything is alright is a scan - and disappearing symptoms, anxiety and previous problems in pregnancy or fertility are certainly enough of a reason to get a referral to EPAU. I would recommend it in any case. Good luck, I'm sure it's all perfectly normal but get the reassurance you need! xoxo

  • Maybe see if you can have some hcg level blood tests to monitor what is happening?

  • Hollibob, I would love to get some hcg monitoring but the recurrent miscarriage clinic I'm under tends to scan instead of that. I have already had one scan and it was too early for a heart beat and have a repeat in 8 days. I know its only a few days but it's an agonising wait!

  • Could you try going to the doctor and just say that you are getting very stressed out with your history and just some assurance with blood tests?

    Also, are they prescribing any medication for you like steroids etc?

  • I'm not on anything other than high dose folic acid.

    I didn't even think of seeing my GP for bloods! I don't think they would want to get involved if I'm under the clinic but you never know.

    The main problem with that is that I wouldnt be able to have the bloods done 48 hours apart due to work commitments this week, unless I took time off which I don't really want to do.

    I think I will just wait out the next 8 days. I just wanted some reassurance that it could be normal. thanks for your support xx

  • Don't be scared to ask about if you should be on anything else and to be honest, as long as you can repeat the bloods and they can get an indication of what's happening, that's the main thing?

    You can only but ask and see what the GP says...

  • Thank you for all your replies. It's reassuring to here this has happened to other people as well.

    Because of my 4 miscarriages and no live births I only have the experience of bad news in pregnancy so very anxious.

    I actually had a scan last week at 6 weeks they saw a sac and a yolk sac so I have to wait 2 weeks for a rescan. I have had this will all my pregnancies so far and I have never seen a heart beat at rescan. The only difference with this one is that is was the right size at the first scan, the others were all behind even at the first scan.

    Because I had sore breasts for longer this time I thought this might actually work out but it's completely gone now. I've got some hope after hearing your stories now.

    Thank you for your support. 9 days until scan day! I will post with the news xx

  • Hello lovely. I am currently 10 weeks + 3 pregnant after 3 ivf rounds. I've had 3 natural miscarriage's 1 ivf Miscarriage and 2 ectopics which I had both tube removed. I like you had never seen a heart beat on a scan until this round. At about 7 weeks I lost all symptoms and had cramping I thought for sure it was over but I had a scan at 10 weeks and everything is fine. I know it's hard to relax but everything will be fine xxx

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    That's so reassuring to hear the same thing happened to you and everything was OK.

    I need to stay postive. xx

  • just to update everyone I think this a miscarriage again as I started to bleed 8 days ago which is slowly getting heavier. I have a scan in 2 days to confirm. xx

  • So sorry 😞 x

  • Thinking of you, I hope against all odds everything will turn out ok but in any case we are all here for you xoxo

  • Thanks for your support. I started to have heavy bleeding and cramping in the night. My scan today showed a fetal pole without a heart beat. Devastated this will never work out for me xx

  • So sorry to hear this it's heartbreaking. Take care of yourself πŸ’”X

  • I am so sad to read your update. I have absolutely no words but please rest as much as you possibly can and allow yourself some time to come to terms with what has happened.

    Cruel beyond words, take care of each other xx

  • Sorry to hear about your update. Sending you big hugs and thinking of you xxx

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